Sunday, March 30, 2014

Digital Scrapbooking Playing

So I've been playing in Photoshop a bit thanks to Jessica Sprague and the mountain of classes she offers. If you have any interest in digital scrapbooking, I highly recommend her classes. You learn a great deal, get digital supplies, have access to the class forever, you can repeat the class or sections of the class as often as you wish, you can take breaks whenever you wish, and her classes are not expensive. There's also a community forum where you can ask questions and people are happy to help you out. 

There are different levels to each class. They start out very basic and you build on what you've learned and completed. I'm up to the point where I get free play time! I know technically I could play around all I want, but I've been trying to stick to the classes.

One thing Jessica recommends is that you brag about your work. She wants you to feel like you accomplished something and share it. Pretty cool. 

Here's my first brag. I went apple picking a few years ago with my sister-in-law and nephew. I lived in South Carolina at the time and had never gone apple picking with them before. It was a blast. We have some great photos from that day.

You will notice that the faces have been blurred. Honestly, my family does not have blurred faces in real life.I did this because I don't want my family's faces all over the internet. There are far too many freaky people out there. Call me overprotective, but oh well!

My next layout was all me. Jessica gave us a ton of papers and embellishments to work with and said have fun. The photos are of Ashley and Maxx. So strange that there was only two dogs in our lives at that point. Very rare for us to have such a small family.

My final layout is a collage I made of all of our kids. Yup, all of our kids are furry and four legged. The orange cat is Dale named after NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the tabby is Azreaelle named after the cat in the Smurfs spelled a little funky because she's a tad crazy, the grey and cream tiger cat is Tigger who is our oldest kid, Ashley is the Yorkie and she's a bit famous cough cough for being a diva cough cough, and Maxx the Puggle who is the old fart of the gang. Ha I just noticed Ashley is sticking her tongue out a teeny bit. She doesn't have any bottom teeth except for her canines so her tongue sticks out often. Yes, it's common for senior Yorkies to lose their teeth.

Until next time.....have fun creating!