Thursday, October 6, 2011

Got Goodies?

I do! I told you this Etsy was a dangerous place. My credit card has mini heart attacks every time I look at the site. I faintly hear a little "Clear!" in the background just like on Grey's Anatomy. Time for more Etsy shops!

Salvage Nation offers up all kinds of vintage pieces and ephemera. In my first go around with them, I purchased a few lots of vintage buttons. I already have a ton of items in my shopping cart waiting for me to complete the transaction.
Antique Mother of Pearl Buttons
Vintage Kawaii Button Group Buttons
Vintage Red Buttons

Vintage Dye is a tag lover paradise! Dye has a tag for every occasion. She does custom orders as well as custom colors on pieces found in her Etsy shop.

Vintage Style Large Journaling Ticket Stubs

Winter Wonderland Lamppost Vintage Style Holiday Tags

Halloween Vintage Postage Stamps
Merry Christmas Decorative Holiday Stamps

Christmas Caroling Vintage Style Santa Claus Gift Tags and Vintage Style Santa Claus with Holly Gift Tags
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Time to get started on your holiday gifts!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Moon Faces slogan is "Where the Ordinary Becomes the Extraordinary!" They have a variety of jewelry and tickets and more! I purchased a set of Vintage Style Hand Stamped Camera Carnival Tickets. I thought they were pretty cute.

Liz's Back Room has a variety of goodies. I took home a set of ephemera from Canby, Minnesota. Nope, I've never been to Canby or Minnesota. I really would love to see Minnesota someday! I just thought these were super nique pieces and I had to jump on them.

Coco St Ives - isn't that a cool name? - focuses on Victorian and Edwardian photographs and ephemera. When you think of the tobacco industry, Massachusetts isn't the first place that comes to mind. Being from the North, I had to have these! Living in the South, I see tobacco plants all over the place. Pretty ironic I'd find these labels for Pearson's Red Top Snuff from Byfield Snuff Co in Byfield, Massachusetts.

I also picked up a collection of cigar labels. A variety of colors and many are embossed. I haven't found cigar labels easily so I was pretty excited to see these.

These are vintage foreign matchbox labels. They are from the late-1950's through the mid-1960's. I still can't believe the 60's were 60 years ago! Just doesn't seem possible.

Beca Runs offers a unique collection of goodies. These are a set of vintage Bingo cards. Most of my Bingo cards are from Milton Bradley. These are from Transogram and are their "Gold Medal" set. They are from the 1950's.

These are definitely something I have never seen before. They reminded me of the punch cards used for attendance when I was in elementary school. These aren't those though. Pretty close though. They are vintage stock accounting detail cards.

I have never heard of these game cards called Keno cards and Lotto cards. Not sure which is correct. Maybe a regional thing with the different names? These are from Milton Bradley whom I just discovered was based out of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Brown Bird Market is another Etsy shop I just can't get enough of! I recently purchased a small walnut stained wooden fence from them. I have tons and tons of photos from beaches with wooden fences just like this on the dunes. So perfect for layouts with photos from Cape Cod and Cape Hatteras!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink has more than just twine! I got a bunch of tags and more Bingo cards from her. The white tags have a sheen to them. They're not plain cardstock.

Remember, all of the Etsy shops I blog about are listed on the right hand side. You don't have to hunt for them. There's also tons of digital ephemera on there. I have made digital purchases and will be blogging about them soon! Stay tuned. You never know what I may find!

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Have you crafted today?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This and That

You know that song "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Street? "Rubber Ducky, You're the one, You make bath time lots of fun..." Time to change up those lyrics a bit! "Etsy, You're the one, You make crafting time lots of fun!"

Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. The name of the shop I purchased these items from is Pookieville. Somehow "Rubber Ducky" came to mind. no idea why, but oddly it works. :)

The first item I purchased was a set of small playing cards. They are circa 1913. Pretty darn old! And they are in amazing condition. I could only hope to look so good at 98 years old!

I thought these were pretty cool since they're not the same size as a regular deck of cards. They also don't have the suits and numbers. They are numbered one through 15. Definitely a unique item! And I have plans to use them with some Fragments from Tim Holtz.

I also bought a pile of vintage hymnal sheet music. Oh the projects in my head are just spinning! So many uses for sheet music! The possibilities are really endless.

Up next is The Bowerbird Bake Shop. Now, don't get thinking they sell cupcakes and muffins. Now they do have some cupcake wrappers, twine, and other baking goodies. But they also sell library cards in a variety of colors. I purchased a set of yellow ones.

Next up is Agony Decay's Creepy Crafts. Funky name, right? Perfect for Halloween! These are a set of poison bottles and tags. I think these are pretty unique. I'm planning on using some of them for Halloween layouts and some for my layouts of Salem, MA. Yup, the home of the famous witch trials.

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Have you started thinking about your autumn and/or Halloween projects?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ephemera R Us

A few more of my Etsy purchases....I tell ya it's a dangerous place! Stay far, far, far I can buy it all. :)

Vintage Supply Co offers a wide variety of items. Turns out she's located in the same state as me! So some of her items are super spiffy to me since they are super useful with lots of my scrapbooks. The ephemera pieces won't need to be used in collages or other pieces of art. Not necessarily a bad thing. Kind of excited about these purchases!

The Commercial Bank in Chester, SC
I bought a pile of checks from her. Turns out there's five different ones and they're all from South Carolina which is pretty nifty! I received from from The Commercial Bank in Chester, SC and the checks from the 1940's.

The Bank of Abbeville in Abbeville, SC
There were some from Abbeville, SC and I've actually been there! There's an opera house there. Seems like I'm good at finding small towns with opera houses - Cooperstown, NY (granted they are a little famous for baseball), Newberry, SC, and Abbeville, SC. There are a few different checks from The Bank of Abbeville. They are all from the early 1950's. It's interesting how they are from the same year yet they are completely different. The green ones are much more similar to what we use nowadays.
Another check from The Bank of Abbeville

There are also checks from M.S. Bailey & Son, Bankers who were located in Clinton, SC. These are from the 1950's.

M.S. Bailey & Son, Bankers in Clinton, SC
I also purchased two lots of cancelled postage stamps. One bag was full of international stamps. I found these very interesting seeing all the different languages and how different the stamps are from the ones from the US.
International Postage Stamps

There is a bag with cancelled postage stamps from the US. This bag was also lots of fun to look through. Partly because it was pretty cool to see the different stamps. But also because of the postmarks. There are some from Boston, MA and Nantucket, MA. Both are places I've been. And I absolutely adore Nantucket!

US Postage Stamps
Until next time *

Look around and see what you can find that wasn't created for crafting purposes and what you can do with it!