Sunday, October 2, 2011

This and That

You know that song "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Street? "Rubber Ducky, You're the one, You make bath time lots of fun..." Time to change up those lyrics a bit! "Etsy, You're the one, You make crafting time lots of fun!"

Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. The name of the shop I purchased these items from is Pookieville. Somehow "Rubber Ducky" came to mind. no idea why, but oddly it works. :)

The first item I purchased was a set of small playing cards. They are circa 1913. Pretty darn old! And they are in amazing condition. I could only hope to look so good at 98 years old!

I thought these were pretty cool since they're not the same size as a regular deck of cards. They also don't have the suits and numbers. They are numbered one through 15. Definitely a unique item! And I have plans to use them with some Fragments from Tim Holtz.

I also bought a pile of vintage hymnal sheet music. Oh the projects in my head are just spinning! So many uses for sheet music! The possibilities are really endless.

Up next is The Bowerbird Bake Shop. Now, don't get thinking they sell cupcakes and muffins. Now they do have some cupcake wrappers, twine, and other baking goodies. But they also sell library cards in a variety of colors. I purchased a set of yellow ones.

Next up is Agony Decay's Creepy Crafts. Funky name, right? Perfect for Halloween! These are a set of poison bottles and tags. I think these are pretty unique. I'm planning on using some of them for Halloween layouts and some for my layouts of Salem, MA. Yup, the home of the famous witch trials.

Until next time *

Have you started thinking about your autumn and/or Halloween projects?

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