Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ephemera R Us

A few more of my Etsy purchases....I tell ya it's a dangerous place! Stay far, far, far I can buy it all. :)

Vintage Supply Co offers a wide variety of items. Turns out she's located in the same state as me! So some of her items are super spiffy to me since they are super useful with lots of my scrapbooks. The ephemera pieces won't need to be used in collages or other pieces of art. Not necessarily a bad thing. Kind of excited about these purchases!

The Commercial Bank in Chester, SC
I bought a pile of checks from her. Turns out there's five different ones and they're all from South Carolina which is pretty nifty! I received from from The Commercial Bank in Chester, SC and the checks from the 1940's.

The Bank of Abbeville in Abbeville, SC
There were some from Abbeville, SC and I've actually been there! There's an opera house there. Seems like I'm good at finding small towns with opera houses - Cooperstown, NY (granted they are a little famous for baseball), Newberry, SC, and Abbeville, SC. There are a few different checks from The Bank of Abbeville. They are all from the early 1950's. It's interesting how they are from the same year yet they are completely different. The green ones are much more similar to what we use nowadays.
Another check from The Bank of Abbeville

There are also checks from M.S. Bailey & Son, Bankers who were located in Clinton, SC. These are from the 1950's.

M.S. Bailey & Son, Bankers in Clinton, SC
I also purchased two lots of cancelled postage stamps. One bag was full of international stamps. I found these very interesting seeing all the different languages and how different the stamps are from the ones from the US.
International Postage Stamps

There is a bag with cancelled postage stamps from the US. This bag was also lots of fun to look through. Partly because it was pretty cool to see the different stamps. But also because of the postmarks. There are some from Boston, MA and Nantucket, MA. Both are places I've been. And I absolutely adore Nantucket!

US Postage Stamps
Until next time *

Look around and see what you can find that wasn't created for crafting purposes and what you can do with it!

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