Friday, September 30, 2011

More Travels

One day after classes, I went on a little road trip to a town about a half an hour away from my college. I saw on their Facebook page a small cabinet with shelves which was perfect to hold my seashell collection and the price was absolutely perfect!

Yes, I bought it! I was thrilled that it was still there. For $36, who could say no? A few days after I brought it home, I saw someone post on Facebook wondering if it was still available. Glad I jumped on it! My shell collection looks great on it! Now I need to get the rest of my jars so I can get rid of the Gladware bowls.

Aunt Tique and Uncle Junk in Thomson, GA is definitely a fun place to visit! They are a combination antique shop and second hand shop. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time to look around because I had to get to an appointment at the Dodge dealership for some work on my SUV.

I found a few fun things that had to go home with me! Guess what they had? Any guesses? Remember, my postcard nerdiness? Oh yeah, they fed right into it! They had lots and lots and lots of postcards from the White Mountains up in New Hampshire and from various areas of North Carolina. They all came home with me. How could I leave any behind? After all, there are numerous cousins already in my collection.

The first piece of ephemera I found was a bank check for the Bank of Thomson. The bank was founded way back in 1891. I've done some digging around for details about this bank online. I had to know what happened to the bank since it seems like all that we have nowadays are this huge corporate banks that are nothing like the small, hometown banks we once had. From what I have found so far, it looks like it may have been sold several times and is now part of Regions Bank. I have a couple of addresses and next time I'm in Thomson, I am going to look and see what I can find. The check has a drawing of the building on it and the own is very small so it shouldn't be too hard to see if I can find the building in town. This could make for another exciting historic info gathering scrapbook trip! I love those.

Remember, my little thing for all things Coca~Cola? Umm yeah, well Aunt Tique and Uncle Junk certainly did not disappoint! They had an invoice book for the Coca~Cola Bottling Company out of Washington, GA which was about a half an hour outside of Thomson, GA. There are a few sheets with writing, but most of the book is empty.

Can you image getting a case of Coca~Cola for 80 cents? These books kept track of the deposits for the bottles and the cartons. There's even details about the coolers and the sales in them! I so can't wait to add these to my World of Coca~Cola photos! I'm so fascinated by Coca~Cola and all of the pieces they made over the years. The marketing they had was simply amazing. I don't drink any cola sodas and I still have tons of memorabilia in my home. I just can't get enough!

I also picked up a baggie filled with some sort of bus tickets. I didn't really know what they were when I saw them, but the looked cool. I figured I could find something to do with them

Since I was at Aunt Tique & Uncle Junk's, I have done some research and now know what these are. These were weekly trolley tickets for the Capital Transit Co in Washington, DC from 1953 and 1954. I've even found a website that shows what they all looked like for years! The website even has the history of the tickets and transit company listed. Pretty cool!!

Did you know that Washington, DC was a small, Southern town before World War II? And that printing was the major industry? A far cry from what DC is today!

I also picked up a bag of cancelled postage stamps. I can't get enough of these! I really do love seeing the old stamps and the various postmarks. Another art we are losing with all of this fancy schmancy technology.

Until next time *

Have you found a piece of history lately?

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