Friday, September 2, 2011

What an Inky Hot Mess!

So I bought this really cool set of metal drawers at Hobby Lobby last week. They retail for $79.99, but HL had a 50% off sale. Love those! I wanted some place a little unique to hold all of my ephemera. Hobby Lobby has had some great small storage pieces in the past so I went looking there. Success!

I should have taken a photo before I got started. Silly me didn't. The piece was just metal like the top and sides are now. I don't ink them up at all. The fronts of the drawers however had a little makeover.

How did I do this? Alcohol Inks from Tim Holtz (Ranger) of course! Oh and a few of Tim's Mixatives and Alcohol Blending Solution helped out a bit. These are the Alcohol Inks I used: Pesto, Currant, Clover, Sunset Orange, Meadow, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Raisin, Sail Boat Blue, Denim, Mushroom, Pool, Oregano, Pitch Black, Slate, Pebble, and Citrus. These are the Mixatives I used: Copper, Silver, and Pearl.

I also used a few sponges I have cut into quarters and my heat gun. My table always has clear vinyl covering it. This keeps the actual table looking good. The clear vinyl I purchased from Wal-Mart in the craft department. It was about $3 a yard. They do have ones that cost less. Our store was out when I purchased mine.

My table would certainly be interesting looking if I didn't have this protective covering. Between inks and mists oh what a mess! They all don't wipe up easily either. On top I have at least one sheet of newsprint. I buy my newsprint from Lowe's in the moving section. The have large sheets rolled up so there's no folds. This is much cheaper than buying newsprint in the art department in a craft store.

For this project I had three sheets of newsprint on top of the vinyl. It still bled through to the vinyl a little bit, but it didn't stick to the vinyl.

So how did I ink up the drawers? Well, I did each drawer one at a time. I stood the drawer up and dropped a few drops of three to four inks all over the front. Then I use one of the sponges and dab all over the front. Each drawer got a different sponge so the colors didn't all blend and become a muddy mess. I spritzed some Alcohol Blending Solution (yup, I have the squirt bottle they come in and I have a spray bottle with some also) on top of the ink drops. Using my heat gun, I blew around the ink and for the ones with the Mixatives I dropped them on before I dried the ink. I dried the ink with the heat gun. I didn't dry them completely because it would have taken forever and the drawers were getting a tad warm to the touch. I used a clean sponge to push them back into their cubby hole.

WARNING: The drawers do get VERY hot if you heat them too long. Also make sure you're in a very ventilated area. The heat with the ink and Mixatives can be a little odorous for some.

To protect my clothing, I wear a black apron. Why black? It hides the inky mess easily! I also have a towel handy. I have a few hand towels that are just for my studio. They are very interesting colors between the inks and paints oh baby! Oh and baby wipes are a must have. I have a box at all times on my studio table. I also always remove all of my rings and bracelets whenever playing with ink and paints. I don't want to see if the ink will come off my wedding rings later.

Until next time *

Get your ink on!

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