Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Change

So while I was a cropping fool last weekend, I decided I needed to keep track of how much I got done at crops a little bit. I do have a system in place for the weekend, but once I get home, it all goes out the window.

You will see on the right hand side of my blog a new piece all the way down on the right hand side. It's called Crop Counts. I'm now keeping track of how many layouts and photos I crop at every crop I attend. Before I would just count my layouts when the crop wrapped up. Now, I'm going to have a record of it. I'm also counting how many photos I crop! This part is huge to me.

Some layouts only have two photos since I am not into cutting up every photo I have taken. Many photos just can't be cropped either. I did have several that I was able to crop this past weekend. I was so excited to get five photos on a page!

I know I'm kind of.....ok ok no kind of about it.....I am totally nerdy about keeping track of what I accomplish at crops. I know lots of people go for the social aspect. Some even for the for food. Others it's time away from their families for a mini vacation. But for me, it's all about getting my work done. I go into each crop with goals. Yup, remember how I said I was nerdy? :)

Until next time *

Have you cropped lately?

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