Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Evening at Good Will

We had a mountain of items to donate to Good Will, but we had been waiting to drop them off. Our local Good Will just finished construction on a huge new facility. They will have employment training and job search assistance now in addition to the second hand store. This is certainly needed in tough economic times like we as a country are going through now.

We stopped by the day after they opened. There was a huge line the day the opened with over 100 people in line waiting for the store to open. The drop area is so organized. It runs like a very well oiled machine.

I found some good things for my crazy craftiness in the store! I got a composition notebook that I will alter. An old deck of playing cards called my name after seeing a recent Tim Holtz post using them. This is that post.

The coolest thing we found was a Bingo game! I looked at the cards and they looked like fun for my ephemera stash. It came with a metal ball cage that spins and drops out a ball with a Bingo number on it. I think it looks pretty cool and decided it needed to be in my studio. I need more decorative things that I didn't make. A girl needs to jazz up her studio space whenever possible.

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Donations don't have to come in the form of money.

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