Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flair Additions: Cazenovia

Today Inky Hot Mess is happy to make a new flair introduction. We love living in the Finger Lakes. People frequently ask how we ended up here. Our family is originally from the Capital Region in New York (Albany, NY - the State Capital - Nope, New York City is not the state capital). We used to vacation out here frequently. Between the day trips and weekend trips, we were there almost every weekend during the summer and early autumn.

Sailboats on Cazenovia Lake
Somehow we lost our minds and ended up building our dream house in South Carolina. Inky was homesick within 6 months and wanted to move back home. Inky's husband had a company approach him with a new job and it was in New York. We jumped on it and moved back to New York, but this time we went to the Finger Lakes. The rest is history! 

Cazenovia Lake
One of the towns on the way from Albany to the Finger Lakes has a gorgeous lake....shocking I know. There's a ton of lakes in this area. There are 11 Finger Lakes and numerous other lakes. The 11 Finger Lakes were created at the same time from the same glacier 10,000 years ago. That glacier took all of our dinosaur fossils, but left some amazing soil behind which produces fabulous fruits (think wine) and vegetables (think tons of farms and farm stands) and lakes all over the region.

Kayakers on Cazenovia Lake
The first lake you come across on US Route 20 is Cazenovia Lake. It's just gorgeous! There's a quaint town - Cazenovia - on the lake. Cazenovia is the home to Cazenovia College - a small, private, liberal arts college. Lots of historic houses are in the area. There's lots of history as well, not to mention the historic sites. 

New York State Historical Sign
Inky absolutely loves Cazenovia. It's a small town and it's pretty calm and quiet even with the college there. Not much traffic except during the summer when lots of people come to the lake. Apple picking isn't far away! 

Inky has brought Cazenovia and flair together. There are 2 new pieces to this collection. The first is Cazenovia Flair.

The second is Cazenovia Lake Flair.

And we have the Cazenovia Flair Collection where you receive both pieces of flair.

Check back soon! You never know what will appear in Inky's Travels next!