Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Would you like to do some shopping at Inky Hot Mess and save a few bucks? Well, you are in luck! 

Beginning Wednesday at 5 pm EST, enter the code GOBBLE14 at checkout and you will receive 25% off items excluding shipping and sales tax (if applicable). In addition, you will receive FREE shipping on orders over $100 after the discount (excludes shippings and sales tax). This sale ends at Midnight EST Monday. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

PS There will be an extra free treat in every box! Could be flair. Could be veneers. Could be stickers. You won't know until your box arrives! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Info About Living Life Kits

Inky Hot Mess now designs all of our journal cards, veneers, and flair in house. We have our own suppliers and craftsman now! One of Creative Team members has also begun designing for us. She will be creating Silhouette cutting files that are exclusive to Inky Hot Mess and coordinate with our Living Life Kits.

Here's some info about our new journal cards......

Each card is designed by Inky Hot Mess and is exclusive to us.

Our cards are locally printed. They are not outsourced and printed overseas.

The cards digitally printed so the colors are vibrant. They will not fade like ink jet printing does.

Our cardstock is thick! We print on 80# cardstock weight. They are heavy duty!

About our flair....

All of our flair are designed by Inky Hot Mess and are exclusive.

They are printed locally as well. They, too, are digitally printed so the colors are vibrant.

We hand cut each one. We hand assemble each piece.

The steel and mylar used to make our flair are all Made in the USA!

Our wood veneers, corks, and acrylics...

All of these embellishments are designed by Inky Hot Mess and are exclusive.

These are all cut by a craftsman in California for us so they are Made in the USA!

Now you know a little more about our products!

Future Releases

We have been very quiet this month. We sincerely apologize for our quiet. Our fearless leader has been very ill not once, but twice. She did get to go on a fabulous retreat that she has been looking froward to. She was sick before it and after it. She's still recuperating, but back to work. And she's working like crazy.

So here is where we are.....

On Tuesday, we will be releasing Autumn Harvest and Happy Haunting Living Life Kits. Yes, they are very late, but guess what autumn and Halloween come every year. And many people still have to scrap them from this year and previous years. We are super excited about these kits because they are the first 100% designed in house. They were also locally printed. We had several issues with our printer that took a few week sot work out, but we have everything worked out and know what to expect in the future.

Both kits contain exclusive 3x4 and 4x6 cards that we designed, flair we designed, and wood veneers we designed. None of those items will be for sale anywhere else! We have lots of add ons as well including several mixed media items.

We also have an autumn Paper Crafting Kit we will be releasing on Tuesday as well. This kit will be our last scrapbooking focused kit for a little bit. We have some projects coming in the next few months. The Paper Crafting Kit contents will always vary.

We have a new item as well. Candace, from our Creative Team, has begun designing for us. She has created digital cutting files that coordinate with Autumn Harvest and Happy Haunting. The files are designed for Silhouette lovers!

We have a lot coming for December! We will be releasing our Grace & Gratitude Living Life Kit first. We will also be releasing our Gratitude Journal at the same time. The Gratitude Journal was offered locally as a workshop and now we are bringing it to everyone in America! There will also be a video for it.

We have more for December! We will have 3 Living Life Kits! Yes, THREE! Our kits are going under a little remodel. We are decreasing the price significantly. To reduce the price, we are reducing the number of embellishments in the kits. The bulk of the embellishments are made by other companies and are made overseas. We are really trying to stick to Made in the USA as much as possible.

The three Living Life Kits each have a different theme. There is a Christmas kit, a New Year kit, and a winter/snow kit. Each kit will contain our exclusive journal cards, flair, and veneers. We may be expanding our embellishments into corks and acrylics, but you didn't hear that from me!

The Paper Crafting Kit is the Family Memory Box. We offered this as a local workshop and now it's available to everyone! We will have a video for this as well.

There's lots coming in January as well! More embellishments exclusive to Inky Hot Mess! We are working hard behind the scenes and have lots up our sleeves.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

teresa collins.....very sad news

i have many paper crafting friends on here......many of them and a few others know this person because i love her products and i have met her. at one point, we were exchanging emails for a few weeks. teresa collins has lost her husband ty. if you don't know he has been battling lymphoma. tonight one of her daughter's posted that her dad is gone.

earlier today i had read teresa's blog and they knew the end was coming. he was going to be sent home from the hospital soon and receive hospice care. there was nothing more that the hospital and doctors could do for him. they were just given this news in the last few days. my heart breaks for her and her entire family. she is one of the sweetest and kindest people i have ever met. her family means the world to her.

together they have 7 children. all of them aren't biologically ty's children, but they were raised as his. this is an amazing family. to see what they have endured over the years and watch teresa's career become what it is today and for them to remain normal people is astounding.

my heart absolutely breaks for and what she has endured the last months. this is so far from the outcome i was truly hoping they would have. the are a mormon family so they believe they will be a family together again one day. ty said he will be there watching over everyone in the meantime.

rip ty
much love to teresa's family <3

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Retreat

Ever attend a weekend retreat or a weekend crop? If not, you must! They are fabulous. I just got home from one hosted by an amazing scrapbook store in Butler, PA which is just outside of Pittsburgh.

The Scrapbook Super Station is really one of the largest scrapbook stores I've ever been to. She carries so much more than just paper and cardstock. She has lots of embellishments, inks, stamps, mixed media (squeal!), altered are item, lots of Tim Holtz, and so much more.

This week there will be tons of pics and info about what I completed. Inky Hot Mess is introducing something called Glam Veneers this week. They're pretty sweet. I'm sure you will love them as much as we do! There were tons of questions about them at the retreat.

I will show what to do with photos that aren't printed in true 4x6. Oops! Did you know digital pics are actually 4x5.33? Yeah, I printed these pics loooooong before I started pocket scrapbooking. Imagine my surprise and annoyance. But it all worked out and the layouts are pretty jazzy if I do say so myself.

You'll also see what the girl who dislikes journaling does with her journaling. Yeah, back in the olden days before electricity and running water when I did traditional scrapbooking, I never journaled. Absolutely hated it. I sucked at keeping track of date also.....hello they are on digital photos so how hard was it to write it or stamp it? Apparently, it was too challenging for me. :)

This girl previously hated alpha stickers. Save your'll need them for the salad you'll be eating tonight while you check out my posts. I used bunches of them. You'll get to see what happens when they collide with ink and what I do what I can't get them to sit perfectly on a card. No point in having a nervous breakdown over a letter....especially since the trash was sitting just 8 inches away.

Come back soon for lots of info and goodies! You'll be happy you did! Come back even if you don't pocket scrapbook. You'll love all the info and pics. This stuff will work for anyone who has ever taken a photo!