Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Sale!

Happy Gobble Gobble Weekend! 

HUUUUUUUUGE Black Friday Sale is happening NOW here at Inky Hot Mess. 

This sale runs from NOW until Saturday at 12 midnight EST. 

ALL items are 25% OFF!!!

EXCLUDING the paper boxes! They are 10% off and shipping is included!

You MUST join the Inky Hot Mess Facebook group. Just ask to join and once approved, check out the photo albums. Everything available has a photo, description, and price listed.

Why do you have to be approved to join the group? It's nothing personal. Really it isn't. I'm trying to keep spammers out. People live to spam others and it's just plain annoying! 

Lots of creations will be back next week. Along with some announcements. Something huuuuge will be announced in January. I'm super excited about many things that are in the works! 

Happy Shopping! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Paper Pad Mess

Since I've gotten into card making, I've stocked up on 6" x 6" paper pads. Their smaller scale works so much better for many cards. You get the full pattern on a much small piece of paper. 

What do I do with this mountain?? Seriously. It's ugly and looks terrible on my shelves. And then there's that whole problem with things falling over. Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. 

So here's my solution. I purchased the black plastic basket from Target. They are found in the kitchen plastics section by the dish drainers. My Target has them in black or white. The 6" x 6" paper pads fit in them perfectly!

To help with saving a smidge of space and not having to worry about the seals that hold the paper pads closed getting everything all sticky, I tore both covers off. My original plan was to just cut off the company name and collection name off the cover and put that with the paper pad. That's what I do with my 12" x 12" collections. I didn't like how that looked with the small pads since they stand up and the large collections lay down. Shuffling through them to find what I wanted was also not as easy since the cardboard piece would fall to the bottom of the bag.

So onto Plan B! I threw away the cardboard pieces. They irked me. They also weren't very neat and once there's cut up papers in the bags, it would be even harder to find the tag. I have about 834 million labels around here. I went with the Avery 8478 labels. They're made for 1/3 tab file folders. There is a template you could use if that's your thing. I just used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie and wrote on the labels. All I put on the label was the company name and the collection name. This solved my issues.

How do I organize my paper pads? Same way I do my collections. They are all sorted by theme. Christmas, winter, autumn, Halloween, Americana which covers the 4th of July and anything patriotic, spring, summer, beach/nautical, boy, girl, baby, love (includes Valentine's Day), wedding, Easter, outdoors, pets, school, etc. 

The bags. They are an odd size. I originally purchased them for my Close To My Heart stamp reorganization project. More on that in another post in the future when that project is complete. 

The bags are 7" x 7" zipper bags and I purchased them from eBay. They fit both the Close To My Heart stamp sets and the 6" x 6" paper pads perfectly! I'll have to find 9" x 9" zipper bags when I get some 8" x 8" pads. 

Oh one great thing about ordering the bags from eBay. You can find people selling them in 100 count or 1,000 count. I went with the box of 1,000 since I knew I have a huge project in the works. 

Hope this works for somebody out there! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grandmother Birthday Card

Two of my grandmothers have birthdays this month. No need to visit a Hallmark store when you have a studio full of supplies! I ended up making six of these cards. I figured I had everything out and making multiples is easy. It's the first one that is challenging. My extra four cards went into my Operation Write Home stash. Maybe someday I'll become famous and sell my cards.

Until then, I'll let you know what went into these cards. They're all the same card. A few things are different on a couple. I had some issues with my Vagabond. I finally used it! Talk about a learning curve. It doesn't work anything like the Cuttlebug! Lots of reading and video watching is necessary with the Vagabond unlike the Cuttlebug which is all trial and error. 

The card bases are Colonial White Die Cut Cards from Close To My Heart. Upon them I built several layers of papers and cardstocks. All of which came in the Chantilly Paper Pack from Close To My Heart. I used the Champagne, Buttercup, and Lagoon cardstocks. 

All of the inking was done in Regal Rose from Stampin' Up. The cardstock base was sent through my Vagabond and I used the Sizzix Texturz Fancy Fan plate from Stampin' Up.

The twine is Pink from Queen & Co. The stamps inside and out are from the Birthday Tags set from Papertrey Ink.

I used two die sets for this. The first one I used cut out the larger base that the stamped cardstock sits on. That first layer was cut on the Vagabond using Labels Fourteen from Spellbinders. The stamp cardstock layer was cut on the Vagabond with the Tabs and Tags set from Clear Dollar Stamps.

Apparently, I've come up with some sort of style that's my own. I haven't seen anyone else do this, but I'm sure there's at least one other person on earth who's done this. There are, after all, something like seven billion people here. Surely, I didn't create this, but it does seem to have become a signature for myself. 

I've been stamping a small sentiment in the bottom corner of the card. Then a stick on a row of washi tape. I have no idea who makes this washi tape. I probably should try to keep track of that somehow. Not sure how since all washi doesn't come wrapped up with a label when purchasing it especially online.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking...So It Begins

Yup, I took the plunge. I know what you're thinking. Holy cow! She's leaving us. I'm not. Really, I'm not. I've been dabbling in digital scrapbooking for awhile, but was never really impressed with anything I tried. 

I tried Studio J from Close To My Heart when it first came out. I didn't like how everything was pre-formatted for you and you couldn't change papers. I've heard that it has changed since then, but I also didn't like that I had to be online to scrapbook and that I have to purchase the printed layouts or jpeg's from them. I travel a lot and internet access can be tricky at best in many locations. 

I also have tried MDS from Stampin' Up. It's nice. Better than Studio J. It has much more than scrapbook layouts in it. You can make cards and other projects. I am under the impression that you can only use SU products with it. I could be totally wrong. The consultant I asked about it when I purchased it knew absolutely nothing about it. I have purchased additional items from SU for MDS, but I never loaded them into MDS. I keep all the papers, embellishments, and stamps all in folders based on their collection name. I did this so I would have access to them to use them in Photoshop. 

Some of my trees in autumn
I've heard that Photoshop or Photoshop Elements was really the way to go with digital scrapbooking. Problem with that. How the heck do you use Photoshop? Seriously! I own the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and don't even know what 98% of the programs included are! I took a Photoshop and Illustrator class at a local college when I lived in South Carolina and felt like I didn't learn squat so I was not at all comfortable using either piece of software. In fact, I HATED Photoshop. I thought Adobe was full of morons. Nope. It wasn't Adobe who was full of morons. Turns out it was my instructor.

Well, last year I purchased a digital scrapbooking class from Jessica Sprague. I talked to a few people who I knew dabbled in digital. I did some research online and pretty much everyone said yes take Jessica's classes. You will learn lots and you will love digital. The class ended up on sale for whatever reason. I purchased it and thought why did I waste that money? Who am I kidding? I HATE Photoshop. 

Fast forward a year. I've got thousands more photos that need scrapbooking. I have been organizing my digital photos. I've got 2 years done! That took almost a month. Yes, I literally have over 100,000 digital photos. No exaggeration. One day at a zoo, I took 495 photos. That was one day! I was only there for about four to five hours. 

So now that I'm in the digital organization mode, I've been wondering how I'm ever going to get all of my photos into completed layouts before I'm 653 years old and still keep taking pictures and travel. Oh and I have other things to make besides layouts. 

I was staring at my MacBook in complete disbelief. Really thinking I'm going to give up sleep and tv and relaxing and working on my house (Who cares if the roof collapses on me. I've got pages to get done!) and bathing and eating....maybe then I'd get it all done. Yeah, most of that was never going to happen. The girl who can't go more than a day without showering or washing her hair at least once a day is never going to give up bathing!

Tigger the Lounge Kitty
I started poking around in Finder to see what other junk...I mean good stuff was collecting dust aka taking up space on my harddrive. What do I find? A whole mess of papers, embellishments, and stamps - all digital - from Jessica Sprague's website. I'm an Echo Park junkie and there's tons of their products. Hmmmm......

I go to her website to see what other cool things she has now since I hadn't been there in like a year. OMG! Color me happy! Bo Bunny. Basic Grey. Fancy Pants Designs. Carta Bella. Echo Park. Cosmo Cricket. Big names in the industry have collections for sale on her website! I log into my account and guess what's there....yup, that class I bought a year ago. Guess what I started working on this week. 

Ooh ooh ooh. Upon further examination. Many of the big industry companies sell lots of their collections digitally on their websites. I've contacted a few who I couldn't find anything from and some responded that they are working on it, a few told me where I could find the digitals, and a couple were like pffft we don't do that. So if you're interested in digital products at all, contact your favorite companies via Facebook or their website and ask them! The more people who ask, the more likely they will sell us what we want.

You're going to get a kick out of this. When I originally bought my digital papers from Jessica, it was to print the 12" x 12" papers at home so I wouldn't have to buy the same kits multiple times or when I ran out of those papers and it was no longer available. As of today, I've never printed any of them out and I have a 13" x 17" printer I purchased especially for that purpose! Good thing it was only clearance at Staples!

I'm almost done with lesson two. My assignment for that lesson is to share what I created in class. While people who've been at this for ages may have better layouts or suggestions on improvements, I'm very happy with my layouts. Could they be better? I don't know. I like them. I probably could sit here and spend 20 hours adding layers and crap to them, but less is more! I have that some problem in traditional scrapbooking. I want to keep adding stuff. Every cat sticker I own doesn't need to be on one layout. 

Maxx being crazy after bathtime
Today I'm sharing with you my completed layouts from class. Hope you like them. I do especially the one of Tigger. 

Oh and one more important thing. This is kinda huge. I don't hate Photoshop anymore. Shhhh....I'm actually kind of enjoying it. 

Valentine's Day Card for Operation Kuwait

Today's card is the one for Valentine's Day I made for Operation Kuwait. I sound like Walmart pushing holidays months in advance I know! But my friend is shipping these overseas and we will only be doing it twice a year. Gotta stockpile while I can!

The card base is made from Colonial White from Close To My Heart. The cover cardstocks are Hollyhock from Close To My Heart and a scrap of Bazzill.

The "love" stamp is from Studio G and is stamped in Victorian Velvet from Tim Holtz's Distress Inks. The "Happy Valentine's Day" is from the hearts2love set from The Stamps of Life and it's inked in Fired Brick from Tim Holtz's Distress Inks. The cardstocks are edged in Worn Lipstick from Tim Holt'z Distress Inks line. 

First time alert! This was my first time using baker's twine on a card. Shocking I know. The pearls are from Basic Grey.

I was asked what I used to score the cardstock to fold it over into a card. I have the Martha Stewart Scoring Boards. I was skeptical when I bought it. Some of her products are ok, some are good, and some are stinky. This one actually works really well. It even comes with a scoring tool and an envelope making tool. I do recommend it. I know others have used it for making rosettes.

The stamp on the inside is from One Plus One Equals Love from The Stamps of Life. Worn Lipstick Distress Ink from Tim Holtz was used to stamp onto the Blush cardstock from Close To My Heart.

Card base: 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Hollyhock base: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Pink cardstock: 5" x 3 3/4" 

I do not receive any compensation for the products used on Inky Hot Mess. I use what I like. The products are not given to me. I have purchased every item used. So if I think something stinks, I'll tell you to save your money and go elsewhere. If a product is given to me to test out, I will let you know. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Birthday Card #2 for Operation Kuwait

Today's birthday card is a masculine card. It can be used for a little boy or a grown up. I think one is my favorite of the bunch I've made. It's the most fun to me. Who doesn't love cake?

The card base is White Daisy from Close To My Heart. All the cardstocks are from Bazzill and Close To My Heart. 

I used Kiwi Kiss ink on the card base and Pacific Point ink on the layers of cardstock. Both of those inks are from Stampin' Up. 

The stamped image is from the Birthday Celebrations set from Clear Dollar stamps and it's stamped in Midnight Muse ink from Stampin' Up. 

Here's the inside of the card. I don't remember who made the Washi tape unfortunately. It's fun Washi! The Happy Birthday is from Birthday Wishes made by Clear Dollar Stamps and it's stamped in Island Indigo from Stampin' Up.

The finished product! One card is open so you can see how fun the inside it. The blue Epoxy Bubbles on the fronts are from Close To My Heart Plenty of white space for the military folks to write a note home. 


Card bases: 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Light blue cardstock: 5 1/4" x 4"
Green cardstock: 4 3/4" x 3 1/2"
Dark blue cardstock: 4 1/4" x 3"
Stamped image cardstock: 2 1/2" x 2'

I do not receive any compensation for the products used on Inky Hot Mess. I use what I like. The products are not given to me. I have purchased every item used. So if I think something stinks, I'll tell you to save your money and go elsewhere. If a product is given to me to test out, I will let you know. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Birthday Card for Operation Kuwait

Can you believe November is here already and it's flying by? Geesh seems like it was Halloween just yesterday! I've been busy working on a couple of projects. One is some organization in my studio which you'll see soon! I need to complete it first. My second big project was making cards from my friend's military troop in Kuwait. I finally finished up my cards and got them shipped off to Colorado.

I made some birthday cards that are feminine, but could be used for gals who like pink or purple and they could be used for an adult or a child. The bases are made from Colonial White cardstock from Close To My Heart. All of the inks are pigment inks and chalk inks from Studio G. The cardstocks are all from my scrap bin and are from Close To My Heart and Bazzill. Amazing what's been hanging out in my scrap bags!

When making cards, I like to pre-cut everything. I tend to make piles and ink all of the edges. This sort of gives things time to dry a bit except when using pigments. Pigments take quite awhile to dry. The lavender cardstock in the upper left has metallic silver pigment ink on the edges. I couldn't get it to photograph and it's not super obvious when looking at them in bright sunlight either. It's very subtle.  

The stamps are from the Birthday Tags set from Papertrey Ink. That brad in the middle is a dark purple brad from Close To My Heart. The image is stamped in black pigment ink.

The cute purple ribbon with white and pink daisies is from my purple ribbon jar. I've had that one and lots of purple ribbons are ages. This is how I store many of my ribbons. If they come on spools longer than 3 yards, they go on the racks on my studio door. All other ribbons are in jars like this one. They are quite stuffed full so I have really cut back on my ribbon purchases unless it's something for a specific project or something I can't live without which is very rare these days. 

I wanted a little something inside the cards as well. This stamp is also from Birthday Tags from Papertrey Ink. The paper flower is from Prima. The flower is attached with a Glue Dot. There's a little purple bling as well. Not sure where that's from.

Here we have the finished cards with one open so you can see the little added piece on the inside. The star stamps are also on the Birthday Tags set from Papertrey Ink.


Card base: 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Lilac colored cardstock: 5 3/8" x 4 1/8"
Lavender colored cardstock: 5" x 3 3/4"
Pink cardstock: 4" x 2"

I do not receive any compensation for the products used on Inky Hot Mess. I use what I like. The products are not given to me. I have purchased every item used. So if I think something stinks, I'll tell you to save your money and go elsewhere. If a product is given to me to test out, I will let you know.