Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Got Twine?

Another day and more ephemera. Etsy is a dangerous place! Well, my credit thinks so and my mail lady doesn't seem super thrilled with the number of packages I receive. But man oh man, there are soooooooooo many spiffy things on Etsy and I think I have everything on there in my favorites.

There are folks who sell twine on there! I have quite the stock pile of twine. If mysteriously they ever stop producing it, I'm good! Everything But the Kitchen Sink is one of my favorite places for twine purchases.

Blue and White Twine, Red and White Twine

Halloween (Black and Orange) Twine, Licorice (Black) Twine, Christmas (Red and Green) Twine, Airmail (Red, White, and Blue) Twine 
Green and White Twine, Licorice Twine

Lemon Twine, Teal and Blue Twine,  Navy Blue Twine,  Pumpkin Orange Twine,  Pink Lemonade Twine, Cotton Candy Twine, and Lime Green and Green Twine

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