Thursday, October 6, 2011

Got Goodies?

I do! I told you this Etsy was a dangerous place. My credit card has mini heart attacks every time I look at the site. I faintly hear a little "Clear!" in the background just like on Grey's Anatomy. Time for more Etsy shops!

Salvage Nation offers up all kinds of vintage pieces and ephemera. In my first go around with them, I purchased a few lots of vintage buttons. I already have a ton of items in my shopping cart waiting for me to complete the transaction.
Antique Mother of Pearl Buttons
Vintage Kawaii Button Group Buttons
Vintage Red Buttons

Vintage Dye is a tag lover paradise! Dye has a tag for every occasion. She does custom orders as well as custom colors on pieces found in her Etsy shop.

Vintage Style Large Journaling Ticket Stubs

Winter Wonderland Lamppost Vintage Style Holiday Tags

Halloween Vintage Postage Stamps
Merry Christmas Decorative Holiday Stamps

Christmas Caroling Vintage Style Santa Claus Gift Tags and Vintage Style Santa Claus with Holly Gift Tags
Until next time *

Time to get started on your holiday gifts!

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Salvagenation said...

Thank you for featuring Salvagenation in your blog. Anyone stopping by to shop should use the coupon code Blog15 for 15% of any of my items. I do this for anyone featuring the shop in the blog or finding me through your kindness. thank you again.

Vanessa / Salvagenation on Etsy