Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Whoa. I guess I should blog more often. Google has totally changed Blogger. Let's see how long it takes me to figure out where everything ended up. Good grief nothing is where it used to be. I hope I can find all the bits and pieces.

Well, onto what I originally came on here to post about. So I have a weekend crop this weekend and I have been doing some major organization and serious cleaning of the old studio. Not exactly a great thing to be doing days before a three day crop....or is it?

This cleaning spree has me seriously thinking about what I'm bringing to scrapbook for those three days. I haven't been happy with the amount I've accomplished lately. I figured out why. I haven't been prepping at home!

Prepping at home? Yup, prepping at home. I decided today that I am going to do more work at home. This should help me purchase less at the store also. I won't confess to how much I usually spend at a weekend crop. Yes, triple digits far too often especially since I have to pay for my hotel, about $100 in gas, my meals, a meal to share, and the crop fee. Yes, it is an expensive weekend, but it is lots of fun and I see friends who I live four hours away from.

So normally I just grab a ton of bags of paper. Each bag is a zipper bag filled with one paper kit/pack/stack. They are all sorted and cataloged by theme. I normally grab whatever is in the bin that matches the theme. I can fill a large rolling tote with just these bags of paper. I have been bringing a second rolling tote filled with cardstock. Then I have a bag that holds my completed layouts, a bag that holds my paper trimmer and seat cushion, and a bag which has my photo box, adhesive, scrap-ma-bob (drink holder that screws onto the table), adhesive, and a few other do-dads. Oh and my purse and my 31 soft sided color bag.

This is far too much to drag to my SUV, drag into the crop space, drag back to my SUV, load into my SUV, and drag back into my house. It usually takes me three trips to my vehicle to unload at a crop. This is taking me too much time and my body isn't a fan of picking up what feels like 40 tons of cardstock. So I decided my madness and slacking off at home needs to stop.

Since I have been in cleaning and organizing mode, I decided to start packing today even though I am not traveling until Friday morning. So what am I packing? And how? Well, I have these zipper pouches that fit into a bag and I'm picking out coordinating cardstock for my paper. I'm not packing the whole paper pack. I'm only taking the sheets of paper from the pack that I want to use. This should seriously cut down on my luggage and the weight. I won't need a body builder with me this weekend to hurl my bags about.

I'm also hoping to crop my photos here at home. Lately, I've been doing that at crops as well. I can crop the photos at home while watching tv. With tropical Storm Beryl out there raining on us for the next day, I should have plenty of time. Don't worry. I'm safe from Beryl. I'm very far inland and it's rained on and off today from her. Nothing major is coming to my neck of the woods from her. The dogs certainly aren't thrilled with her visit. They're not fans of water apparently.

Until next time *

Have you organized your work space lately?

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