Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coming Along...

Oh the joys of moving! Unpacking and discovering how you labeled boxes isn't quite right or what you swore you'd remember. Why do I say I'll remember? Sure. No problem. There's only about 200 boxes! And over 70 of those are for my studio. So ummm yeah sure no problem I'll remember.

Oh and FYI...labeling boxes with the word Studio means absolutely nothing! Turns out that box was filled with office mumbo jumbo. My office is in my studio, but I'm thinking paper crafting when something says studio.

No matter because I have zero plans on ever moving from this house. I looooooooove this house. Yes, we do have some plans for remodeling and an addition. The remodeling is because the house was built in 1942 and that's when the bath and kitchen we last visited except for some dreadful 1990 country floral wallpapers. Hideous. That's the only word to describe them! Blind people would run screaming from them. The addition is a first floor master suite for when we're old and can't use the stairs so well. Yup, planning ahead!

So the unpacking is going. Taking much longer than I was hoping. Doesn't everything when it comes to moving? I have several new pieces of furniture so that's throwing me off a bit. I also picked up a second Ikea Expedit last weekend. That was desperately needed for my paper and cardstock mountain.

I have moved some things several times. Still not sure I like where my ink pads are. Pretty sure I don't actually. I think they're too far away from me.

The alcove maybe not happening permanently in my studio. So we stopped putting in the hardwood flooring in it. We may add the alcove to the bathroom behind my studio because it's sooooo narrow. It's claustrophobic in there! So the flooring in on hold for now until we make up our minds. We are also moving all of our clothes out of the walk-in closet in the studio and I'm getting to use it as extra storage! Yay! That's where I'll be storing all of my items for sale and big, messy things like my pieces waiting to be altered.

I've been taking some photos along the way, but the room is soooo messy that I can't bare showing them until I am done and ready to be creative. I don't want people to think I'm a slob and have that on the internet forever. Besides you want to see the before, during, and after all at once.

Until next time *

Take a photo every never know what you may be missing out on every day!

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