Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Scrapping Ideas #5

Today we are giving you our final idea list for December. We know there were a bunch of lists, but some work better for others so we wanted to share something for everyone. You can also save the lists and use them during the winter or next December. They may also help you with journaling. 

  1. Favorite Christmas movie
  2. Wish Lists
  3. A copy of the Letter to Santa
  4. Santa breakfast
  5. Family traditions
  6. Family recipes
  7. Holiday cards
  8. Crazy weather
  9. Opening presents
  10. Christmas Eve
  11. Christmas morning
  12. Christmas dinner

We'll have some lists for January that will focus on the new year and winter.....winter has seriously arrived at the Inky Hot Mess studio! We've received about 8 inches of snow in the last day! And it's snowing again. 

1 comment:

Shanna Shands said...

Great ideas! Thank you again for sharing.

Shanna BL