Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Follow Up Update from Inky

Lots of progress today! I'm having a horribly sad day, but I am trying to work through it and get some things done. I have accomplished a few things! Honestly, I'm surprised by this. I have updated everything on the For Sale pages! Everything sold has been marked. I have sent out lots of emails. I've gotten to almost everybody. I'm hoping to get the emails all caught up today. 

During my husband's lunch break (we're fortunate that he works from home), we started rearranging my studio. I've been wanting to move some things around. Now that I've been using my studio for awhile there are some things that haven't been working for me. I also thinking making some changes to our home - rearranging some things - will help with my grief over Milo. 

My workstation has changed! I'm now in a regular comfy office chair instead of a wooden bar stool which is so much nicer! Not to mention comfy. My neck and back are happy! More changes are to come. There will be lots of photos soon - once everything is moved. I have so much more room now. 

On a side note, the weather here in the Finger Lakes in New York is amazing today! The windows are open to my studio. I also opened up the French double doors which lead to our second floor deck. Maxx and Ashley have been having a blast out there. Maxx is thoroughly enjoying sniffing the air and lounging on the deck. Ashley is having her own stalk the squirrel who lives in the fence party. She's a Yorkie what can I say? Tigger and Dale have been brave and sat in the doorway investigating the smells. They're two of our cats and aren't always up to be super brave. They've never been outside, but they are super curious. 

Autumn is definitely in the air! Big sad face. But I do looooooooooove autumn. It's my favorite time of year. Apple picking. Pumpkin picking. Apple cider. Cider Donuts (if you've never experienced these, get your hands on some!). Autumn Harvest. Autumn Leaves. Bonfires. Grape Harvest! I'm looking forward to checking out some wineries/vineyards and the grape harvest. Grape Pies! Farmer's Market changes this time of year. Winter squash comes in. Craft fairs. Autumn Raspberries. Hot Chocolate. Smores by the Fire. Cool Breezes. Jumping in Leaves. Autumn Festivals. Harvest Festivals. Fireplace/Woodstove Evening Fires. The Birds Migrate! So cool watching hundreds - sometimes - thousands of Canadian Geese flying South overhead. It really is an amazing sight to see. 

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