Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Long Time No See!

Yeah, I've been really bad at blogging for the last few months. I went away for the week of Thanksgiving. I spent a lovely week in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. My dream Black Friday? It's this little place called Old Forge. There's a tiny place called Inlet down the road a bit. Then there's Raquette Lake. I grew up spending a good chunk of my summer there camping with my grandparents and parents. I have amazing memories of Golden Beach Campground and it's like nothing has really changed. It's a state park that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp. In all, it took 13 years for the campground to be 100% completed. If you ask me, it was worth all the effort!

While we were in Inlet, our dogs got to be in the dog parade! Maxx had fun meeting the ladies. He’s such a ladies man. Ashley liked visiting with the other small dogs. She's not a big fan of big dogs since one grabbed her. Yup, I clobbered that dog and grabbed her back! Nope, you're not eating my seven-pound Yorkie baby! She's curled up on her blanket sleeping snuggled up to me as I type this. 

I made my Christmas cards at the cabin we rented. The hubs had to work part of the week so I had some free time. It was cold and snowy and I didn't want to go exploring on my own. I didn't want him to miss out. 

We made a big turkey feast on Thanksgiving. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Without cable at home, we haven't seen it in several years. It's a nice, old tradition! It was actually weird having satellite tv. I discovered I didn't miss much on HGTV....much of the same old same old. 

Then Christmas snuck up on us. There were a number of projects to get done before our families came Christmas weekend. We moved our dining room into the library, painted, put up a chair rail, and a new light fixture. The old dining room became our study which also received a paint job and a new light fixture. We also had to move a whole bunch of furniture. Some disassembly and assembly required. There's still some more work we want to do - judges' panels and crown molding. Oh how fun! :)

It's amazing how small our house became with a house full of people. It's always nice having our families visit us. Then there's the feast I make. It was great having my fancy double oven stove back from my house in South Carolina. I love that thing! 

In January, we celebrated my birthday and watched the temperatures and snow fall. It's been a cold winter. It hasn't been overly snowy where we are, but we have had more snow than last year. The snow blower has been used a few more times than last year. So glad we bought it so the hubs doesn't hurt himself shoveling the 100+ foot long driveway.

More tomorrow! 

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