Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Sneak Peeks

Want some sneak peeks of this months new collections? Inky Hot Mess is releasing 4 new collections this month. Two of the collections are Living Life collections and two are part of a new series. We're not letting the cat out of the bag about the new series just yet....Couple more days and we will. :) 

Inky has been super busy this week kitting the embellishments for the 4 collections. This process takes hours and hours, but it's kind of fun because you get your hands on all the goodies and all these ideas of what you can do with the goodies goes through your mind. Now if there were about 100 hours in a day, Inky would get all of those ideas used right away. 

The first embellishment bag is from this month's Living Life collection. This collection is available to those who wish to start their subscription this month. This collection is very special to Inky. She recently toured George Eastman's home and he really inspired this collection in many ways. She will have a blog post about that trip in a few days.

The second Living Life collection is about Gobble Gobble day. We've been working on this one for awhile. The dock strike in California held some of the pieces in this collection hostage basically. We have finally received all the pieces and the add ons. Last week the final pieces arrived! 

This next collection is the first one in a new series. Got green? This holiday is coming soon. 

Our final sneak peek is for a collection we've been working on for awhile. Numerous items were stranded because of the dock strike. This is why you've been seeing so many delays with items being released after they were announced. It's slowly - very - slowly getting better. This collection is about celebrating. And we are celebrating it's release!

That's all for today's sneak peeks. Check back for more sneak peeks. We've got a few more up our sleeves. 

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