Monday, February 2, 2015

New Series Introductions

Today Inky Hot Mess is introducing two new series. Inky has been hard at work behind the scenes and she is thrilled to being these new series to you! We will be expanding on them each month.

Our first new series is I Love New York. Inky absolutely loves living in New York. She relocated elsewhere for a few years and was incredibly homesick so when the opportunity arose to move back to New York, she jumped at it. Now she's in the Finger Lakes and feels like she's sitting in heaven every day.

I Love New York will feature different regions of New York. There's so much more to our wonderful state than New York City and so many people sadly miss out on so many things. Today we are kicking off this series with the Finger Lakes. We have 2 flair collections that showcase all 11 Finger Lakes.

Remember, all of the Inky Hot Mess flair is 100% Made in the USA! We are very proud of that. Our flair is also hand assembled in the USA right in our studio in the Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lakes Flair Collection: Lake Names contains 13 pieces of flair. There are 11 Finger Lakes and 2 extra flair that say Finger Lakes. In the photo, we have arranged the pieces from east to west. People often ask about the names and how to pronounce the names. The names are all Iroquois. Each lake has it's own translation. We'll share more about that in the future! We won't give you annunciation lessons online. And really, Skaneateles Lake is not a tricky one to pronounce once you learn. neither is Canandaigua Lake. Spellchecker really dislikes these names! It must give spellchecker little heart attacks whenever it sees us type them.

The Finger Lakes Flair Collection: The Lakes contains 12 pieces of flair. This collection includes the 11 Finger Lakes and 1 piece that says Finger Lakes in the same font. Each piece of flair (minus the Finger Lakes one) has an image of the lake and the name of the lake laid over it.

Our second series introduction is called Inky's Travels. Inky is designing scrapbooking items based on her travels! Everything from the Finger Lakes can be found in here. We are introducing the Great Lakes this month.

The Great Lakes Flair Collection: Lake Names contains 8 pieces of flair. There are 5 Great Lakes, Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, and Saint Lawrence Seaway pieces.

We will be adding to both I Love New York and Inky's Travels again in February. If travel is your thing, make sure to stop back on February 28th! Will it be flair? Will it be embellishments? Will it be journaling cards? Where will the be? Only Inky knows and she's not sharing with anybody just yet. All we know is that she is holed up doing research.

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