Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Adventure Seeker & Autumn Harvest Part 2

I found a few more photos that I took of my cards from my last crop. Brace yourselves. I got pretty adventurous with a few of these. I'm still using pieces from the Autumn Harvest Living Life and Adventure Seeker Living Life  collections along with pieces from their Add Ons from Inky Hot Mess.

You really don't have to go to town with each journaling card. There are times I just use them as is or only add a few things. Shocking I know, right?

Here is a whole layout with only 1 card embellished. And it's embellished only a tiny bit. The card all the way on the right is one I made from cardstock and embellishments.

Stars! Love the chipboards stars that came with the Adventure Seeker Living Life. I will be so bummed when I finish off this collection. You can see how much I have enjoyed using it in the blog posts. 

This is how I begin to figure out what cards I need. I put my photos in the pocket page protector I select, then I look through the cards I have that coordinate with what's going on in my pics. These pics are from Clingman's Dome in the Great Smokey Mountains. It was autumn and we went on a hike in the mountains to get to this I chose autumn colors and embellishments from autumn and the outdoors.

I start by laying out cards in the spaces I need to fill. I may go back and forth on the cards or cardstock a few times until I'm happy. I was happy with the Leaf Peeping card from the Autumn Harvest Living Life. I can tell that because it's in a pocket!

Then I jazz up the cardstocks. Some embellishments. Some stamping. Make sure you put the date somewhere on either the left or right page! 

Believe it or not, all of those embellishments are available from Inky Hot Mess. Love washi. Love flair. I just love love love love embellishments! And yes, those 4 cardstocks above were used to make these cards. Crazy, right? Be sure to check out the Add Ons. There's lots of coordinating embellishments there! 

This card is so so so simple to make! I just used a piece of 12"x12" paper that I cut down to 4"x6" and embellished it. All of the embellishments came from Adventure Seeker Living Life. And I love my Tiny Attacher!

One thing I am frequently asked is how I attach my wood veneers to my cards. I use a liquid glue and I let the pieces sit for at least an hour before I put them in a page protector. Sometimes I have to let them sit longer. Occasionally, the need to dry overnight. 

I use the Tombow Mono Liquid Glue. You can also use Glossy Accents which is made by Ranger. Inky Hot Mess has both of these liquid adhesives available in their shop. 

Well that is all from that crop. Check back soon for more details on my last crop and what I brought with me on my trip to North Carolina to scrapbook!


C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

love how you make your own PL style cards! I’m stopping by to give you some Bloggie Love! Thanks for your dedication to commenting on and sharing my work.

La-Vie B.
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Colleen said...

Some great colors that you used. BL