Sunday, January 17, 2016

Help for Rotisserie Chicken

I know you all buy them. How do I know everybody out there buys rotisserie chicken? Because Wegmans runs out of them by 6 pm many nights!

They're a great dinner....Eat as it is or heat up or save it for another night.....or make other dishes from it! Wegmans has rotisserie chicken noodle soup. I may give it a try sometime. I'm not a huge soup person and I like salt even less. Most soups taste like a salt block from Tractor Supply in the goat section......not that I've ever actually licked one. I'm just guessing.

Back to that rotisserie chicken. What can you do with it besides eat as is?

rotisserie chicken noodle soup
rotisserie chicken rice soup
chicken salad
chicken tacos
chicken pot pie

Here's what I do....came up with this all on my own! BBQ Pulled Chicken. My hubby loooooooooves him some pulled not so much. BBQ chicken however I looooove.

So my secret recipe......

Pull the chicken apart before you refrigerate it. It's easier to pluck while it's still a bit warm. The skin and fat won't be stuck to the meat this way either.

You can refrigerate the pulled chicken and cook it tomorrow or use it right away.

I put the pulled chicken in a good size pot - depends on how much chicken there is. I add an entire jar of bbq sauce. Currently, I'm addicted to the Apple Butter BBQ Sauce from Sauder's in Seneca Falls. Fill that jar with water. Pour the water into the pot. Stir so the sauce isn't in lumps. I cook it on medium. I stir frequently. Let it reduce to the thickness you want.

Apple Butter BBQ Pulled Chicken, Cheesy Breadsticks, and Macaroni & Cheese

Viola! BBQ Pulled Chicken. You can put some on toast or a roll. I love it in a pile on a plate. Often times, I make cole slaw as a side dish along with Martin's Potato Rolls (I buy these at Sauder's as well). When I'm wild and crazy, I make macaroni and cheese from scratch to go along with it. I'll share that recipe another time.

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