Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Mother Nature sure keeps us on our toes! Winter seems to have arrived in the FLX....well sort of. Cold has come in.....wind is blowing right now....but where's the snow? I know some areas actually have gotten snow that you can measure with a ruler. Not so much where I am in the FLX. I can measure by how much of the driveway I can still see!

Seems like true winter won't ever come. Just when you think it's not coming, the weather reports take a huge turn. Looks like we're supposed to get dumped on this week with Lake Effect Snow....yippie! Snow day anyone? Now before you go and figure out how to spend your day off......well is it really a day off? There's the whole shoveling/snowblowing/unburying the cars dance we all do. Wait and see if Mother Nature really does dump white stuff upon us before getting too excited. I've been let down a few times this winter already.

I can tell when the cold has kicked in. The little dogs cling to any blanket they can find. The two of them become super snugglers. Even at night, they burrow themselves under the comforter, blankets, and flannel sheets on our bed. They sleep on each other without any grumbles. When I'm home, you can find me under a pile of fleece blankets or a handmade afghan from my great grandmother......and you will find at least one little dog with me....the last 2 days you would find both of them stuck to me like someone rubber cemented them to my lap. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

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