Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Updates

Notice anything new? Any updates on here? I've been hard at work adding links. You will see down the right side a long list of labels. The labels link to every blog entry that topic is mentioned on.

On the left side there's a few new categories. There's a list of my favorite blogs. In the blogs list are also designer's blogs.

A little further down there's a list of store's websites. These are brick and mortar stores as well as online stores. This list doesn't include any manufacturers even though many have online stores.

Below the stores is the long list of manufacturer's. I will add to this whenever I find a company that I have to have some product from them. So I imagine this list is going to be quite long and added to frequently.

Finally, I have added a list of kit clubs. At one point, I belonged to every club on the list.

No one on any of these lists has paid me any compensation to be listed. These are companies I use and work with. If I am ever compensated - monetarily, merchandise, etc - I will clearly state this.

Keep checking the lists because they will be added to over time. I have already added several items since I created the lists. Almost every blog post has an addition.

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