Friday, April 8, 2011

Teresa Collins in Atlanta

The first weekend of March, there was a Cricut Circle Meetup in Atlanta. Shannon from Provo Craft brought us all kinds of goodies. She's crazy fun, too!

We had a very special guest join us for a few hours. The very fabulous Teresa Collins spent the afternoon with us! She's such wonderful person and mother. She's very down to earth, friendly, sweet, and kind. There's no crafty diva in her. She talked to everyone. I had spoken with her on Facebook a few weeks before and she remembered our conversation!

She brought us all a Make n Take. We got to use the Your Story Photo! We made a little photo book with papers and die cuts from Teresa's new Cricut Imagine Cartridge! She has a few Imagine cartridges coming out this year. They're not out yet. We were the first to get to play with pieces from them. They are just fabulous. I love her designs and style....very chic and fun!

Who's the gorgeous girl? She is Teresa's daughter Gentry. I just love her name!

The papers are in typical Teresa Collins fashion - damasks, animal prints, polka dots. The die cuts are also very true Teresa Collins - chandeliers, crowns, jewels, keys, frames. I just love her style!

The colors work for both female and male photos. They also work with photos from different occasions and they work for people, kids, events, parties, pets, pretty much anything! Love that!

The 5 page Make n Take photo book has a silver book cover from Your Story Photo. I assembled my book, but I haven't put my photos in yet. I was trying to figure out what to put in it. Teresa signed one of my pages at the Circle Meetup so why not put Teresa in it? I need to get my photos printed and put this baby together!

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Have you used a Damask today?

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mE said...


I just met Shannon @ the Archiver's crop in Orem. We were chatting and she was showing me a couple of new carts, Damask and MStewart Cake, and she GAVE me the Damask one. I am in heaven. It's got so many absolutely amazing designs on it. I can't wait to get the MStewart Cake one, too... Shannon was showing me all the punches that it cuts out. I was so overloaded with info and was also way tired that it took me a minute to get it when she was telling me about the punches.

SO awesome!