Friday, June 10, 2011

Collector Or...

One of the Yahoo groups I am on has a post going around about what brands of paper you like and if you're a collector. I kind of found this interesting for a few reasons. I recently organized all of my paper for the 10 millionth time and noticed some interesting trends. There are definitely a handful of companies that I have been really fond of in the past, but the things they've put out for the last year or so I am just not into. These were my die hard always go to places, too.

Makes me wonder if my tastes are changing or if their style has been changing. So I went looking on their websites and I have noticed one company in particular has really changed what they're putting out. I used to love their products and now you couldn't give them to. I'm kind of sad and frustrated with this change in direction.

I am also realizing my tastes are changing. I have so much paper and I have really cut back on my purchases. With this, I really try to only purchase paper to go with photos I already have printed or taken or to go with an upcoming trip, event, or holiday. Cutting back was really hard to do initially, but once I say how much paper I have, I realized it was really necessary. I have more paper than many stores I have been in. That's frightening! For the first time ever, it all is neatly organized and has a home. I stare at it all whenever I am using my studio. That has really made me stop and think.

So my challenge to you.....

Paper Collector


Paper Hoarder

Whichever one you are, are you happy with it? Is it time to take a step back and really consider which you are? If you're happy and it's all working for you, that's great! Seriously, it is and you should be proud of that.

If you're not happy or if it's not working for you, can you see your floor, table, chairs, walls, etc? Are you stepping over piles or boxes with things hidden? We ALL do it! There's no shame in it. If you have a significant other (or have ever had one while being a crafter), chances are about 99.99% you've "hidden" a purchase.

I admit I have done it more than I care to count. My husband works from home. In our old house I could be sneaky since it was 2 stories and he was upstairs all day. In our new house, it's one floor and I have to walk by his office to get to my studio. So my hiding days got nipped in bud. Not really a bad thing. I think that also helped me take a step back and think about how much I was spending and where on earth I was going to put things. All of my paper bins are stuffed. Stuffed to the point where the bins fall out when I pull one out. I have bruised toes to prove it!

In my world, it's time for a lot less shopping and time for more creating! This holds true not only for my paper life, but my fabric life. And my credit card is happier. My monthly payment actually makes the balance go down. I've paid off two cards! Well, one now has a balance since has had cartridges on sale for $19.95 including a bunch of Imagine cartridges. Cartridges....oh that's a whole separate addiction!

Until next time *

Be happy with your creativity!

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