Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things Are Happening!

As you've probably noticed, I have been pretty quiet on the blogging as of late. I've been working on some business ideas and the education I would need to go along with them. Well, finally I have made some major progress. Unfortunately, none of it is super speedy and I have no patience so I am going to try and speed things up as much as possible.

For the business ideas running in circles around in my head they are also making progress! I can't wait to be able to share what they are, but I can't yet. They are going to be amazing!

I do have a new gadget to share with you! I'm the proud new owner of an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Printer. Why is this news worth sharing? I can now print 12x12 papers/photos/layouts!! Exciting I know!

If you're looking at getting one, Staples has a great deal right now. I returned an old printer to be recycled and they gave me $50 off the sale price of $300! I also got a rebate of $80 coming to me. This printer normally goes for $400 and it's mine for $170!

You're thinking oy what about ink? Yup, ink can be a royal pain as we all know. But Staples has a rewards program so I should be getting a coupon for the rewards from the printer. I also returned 3 ink cartridges for recycling so there's another $6 towards my ink pile. Staples also has a discounted box of all the colored inks in. It doesn't include black, but I'll take the discount and say thank you!

Next week, I'll have some news about some of the classes I am looking forward to taking!

Until next time *

Have you recycled today?

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