Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Photo Sale

Don't you just love photo sales? No excuses not to get your photos printed now! Just in time for the holidays and making books to share with your families. Time's ticking.....don't remind me!

Like Winkflash? Well, guess what? They like you, too, and are having a sale. You can get as many prints as you want for 6 cents each. Seriously, if you need to print 20,000 or 20, it's 6 cents per print. How cool is that?

Oh you need the discount code, right? Might help.....hehehe Here it is: ONLY6CENTS and it ends on 11/08.

So simple. Again, don't wait until the last night of the sale to upload your photos. Trust me. I have a bald spot from pulling my hair out in the weeeee hours one night doing this. Save yourself the aggravation. Everyone and their grandma is on these sites during the last few hours of the sales.

Until next time *

Seriously, why haven't you printed your photos lately?

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