Monday, November 7, 2011

Ephemera from Australia

Love the stamp!
Yes, you read that correctly. Ephemera from Australia! Home of Hugh Jackman and ummmm other people. I watched him on Jay Leno a few days ago and wow is all I can say. hehehe

Paper Aeroplanes Ephemera and Paper Craft Supplies is an amazingly honest seller. Her postage is beyond reasonable. Now, if you do order from her, there is a bit of a wait. The wait is not from her as she ships right away. Australia is very far away and her packages have come via Air Mail. They have taken anywhere from two to three weeks. Considering that's on the other side of the world, I think it's pretty fast! Definitely not that slow boat from China.

Oh where do I begin? I have placed a few orders with her. She has some amazing pieces. Believe it or not, she has a ton from the US! Who ever would think I'd be purchasing items for places in the US from Australia? Definitely not me!

First up is a set of Traveler cigar labels. They're actually pretty big. And they have raised embossing. I plan on using these in my layouts for my travels. Thinking about making a Tim Holtz collection box showcasing my travels and using these there as well.

These are movie tickets to Cinema 5 located in Toledo, OH. Movies were 75 cents. Yes, 75 cents! Can you imagine?

Until next time *

What have you gotten your inky hands on lately?

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