Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday

This week's Think Tank Tuesday is all about lighting. Studio lighting that is.

I've had four studios over the years not including times when I used the living room and dining room. One issue I've always had was lighting. Who wants to attempt to color match cardstock and ink to your papers in the dark or in bad lighting? It's never fun. It's always lovely to discover the cardstock you grabbed really isn't red. It's orange. Oops! Oh and you discover this at a crop! Yikes!
natural lighting
So when we remodeled the room that became my new studio I knew I wanted lots of lighting. Lots of natural and artificial lighting. Luckily, there are four windows and double French doors so I do get a great deal of natural lighting which really is awesome. I try to do all of my color matching using natural light. Makes life easier and fewer surprises at crops.
adjustable track lighting
Unfortunately, the sun doesn't shine every day or all day and night so artificial lighting is a must. I admit I was never a fan of track lighting. Maybe it's because track lighting in the 80's was scary ugly. It looked so office and industrial like. So not my style. Track of 2013 is nothing like that! I purchased a track light from Lowe's that has six halogen bulbs. The lights can be moved anywhere on the track and can be aimed where you'd like. Also the track is flexible! I straightened my track, but I know someone who has the exact same fixture in her kitchen and it is in the corner and curves. It looks really great there. I also put up a medallion to cover up the hole we had to make to install the fixture.

Believe it or not, I actually considered the ceiling when remodeling. Yes, I have wide beadboard on the ceiling. It's not painted ceiling white. It is painted a white glossy paint. Why? Gloss paint reflects light.
work station lamp
My workstation also has a lamp. Granted, it's not super bright, but it does help me late at night. It's not helpful for color matching I admit, but the shade has black damask on it. You know me and damask!

Until next time*

Soak up some spring sun! Go outside and take amazing photos.

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