Monday, July 7, 2014

Raskog Cart Assembly

Way back in March when I attended Crop on the Cape, I made a pit stop at Ikea and picked up a couple of Raskog carts. I went with the dark grey ones that look like graphite. They are also available in cream and turquoise

The are very reasonably priced. Assembly is required. They went together much faster and easier than I expected. I did bring a few tools with me because I was going to assemble them in a hotel room. Seriously. I did assembled them in a hotel room the night before Crop on the Cape. I left early because there was a blizzard - literally - hitting western New York and I was not about to miss the Crop on the Cape over some snow...ok a lot of snow! Over a foot of snow fell at my house in less than 12 hours. Good times.....if your'e a shovel. 

one of the carts still boxed up

I believe the only tool I needed that I brought was a screwdriver. I brought a flathead and a Phillips head just to be one the safe side.

opening the box

The box is kind of  funky shaped and not exactly on the light side. I wouldn't want to walk around an Ikea carrying one!

everything laid out from the box

Everything you need except for the screwdriver is included. The instructions are all photos.

very important contents!
In the photo above, you can see a cardboard tray inserted into one of the cart bins/shelves. It contains all of the important parts and pieces. I would could everything and make sure you have all of the pieces and parts before continuing on. The instruction book contains a list with photos and quantities.

more important parts
This photo shows the bars/tubes that hold everything together. They become the sides of the cart.

The huge (insert sarcasm here) instruction book.

Counting up my pieces and parts!

Double checking everything. That little wrench came with all of the little bits. The screwdriver is mine...well my hubby's.

Assembling what will become the legs at some point in the evening.

These are what I call the bottom or feet. They were kind of annoying to put together. I whacked myself in the face attempting to put them together. That step wasn't in the instruction book. I highly recommend skipping that step! :)

Hey the parts are starting to look like something! That hotel print on the wall is just as ugly now as it was that night. I wasn't even at a Motel 6! Hello 1983! hehehehe

Wahoo! The first bin is attached!

All three bins are attached. No idea why I skipped a photo after the second bin was attached.

And we have wheels!! We can zone around the hotel room.

The Graphite Twins! It took me about 40-45 minutes to assemble the first cart. The second cart took me less than 30 minutes. I was also watching a bit of HGTV while assembling. I don't have HGTV at home. Love those Property Brothers!

Oh and if you don't have an Ikea nearby, no worries! Neither do I. The Boston Ikea is over six hours away from my house. That's one way. You can purchase these carts online and the shipping is significantly less than a tank of gas.

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