Thursday, July 10, 2014

Round #2: Handmade Journaling Cards

Ready for another round of handmade journaling cards? This batch is also from Crop on the Cape. I said I was busy! It was one productive crop. That's for sure. I really can't wait for it next year! 

Here we go!!!

This card is made from a cardstock base. There's a glittered baby quilt sticker and yellow/green twine. The "Bundle of Joy" stamped image is from Close To My Heart (not sure which set - I don't have it anymore).

When I was into traditional scrapbooking, I never used alpha stickers. They just weren't my thing. Now with pocket scrapbooking, I've been using them here and there. This card is built on cardstock. The stickers are all from Echo Park. The heart and arrow are enamel dots.

This card is super simple! It's just cardstock with several stickers from Echo Park along with a clear sticker that says "cute". 

Super cute card! I love this one. Something about yellow cardstock just makes me happy. The stickers are from Echo Park as is the tab on the right hand side. To make sure it stays attached in my album, I used my tiny attacher from Tim Holtz. Love those teeny staples! On the bottom left corner, there are 3 enamel dots.

A baby boy card! Cardstock is the base. "Baby Boy" is a bunch of stickers from Echo Park. The twine is yellow/white/blue. To keep the twine in place, I used my handy dandy tiny attacher again. The upper right corner is a giant brad. The bottom left corner was stamped with a roller stamp from American Crafts in white pigment ink.

The next few cards have photos included. The face has been blurred to protect the identity of the child. I'm not into posting photos of children online. There's far too many freaks in this world! Sorry if this upsets some viewers, but I need to protect those in my life when I blog. 

The photo was cut down to 4"x4" and attached to a 4"x6" cardstock card. The blue and white is washi tape. I cut the tape along the chevron blue line to make it look like an arrow. To help keep the end attached to the back of the card, I used a couple of tiny attachers. The stamped image is actually 2 different stamps. The ticket is one stamp. The circle with "baby" is the second. Unfortunately, I don't know who made either one! I wish I did because I really like this ticket stamp. 

This card was made with a 4"x6" cardstock card and a 4"x4" photo. The navy blue polka dot washi is attached with tiny attachers. The little elephant stamp is from B1391 Zoology from Close To My Heart. The little stars stamped under the elephant are also from this stamp set.

The photo is 3"x4" and the cardstock card is 4"x6". The stamp is from S1201 Little Reminder from Close To My Heart. It's actually 2 stamps. The number in the center is one stamp. The outer ring of months is another stamp. The writing was done with a chalk marker.

This is the final journaling card with a photo. It's 4"x4" on 4"x6" cardstock. I made a little banner on the side with white/green twine with pennant stickers from Echo Park. The twine is attached with tiny attachers. 

Super simple card alert! It's made from striped paper with glitter and a "Bedtime Stories" sticker.

I love making these simple cards. They are a great way to use up stickers that I've had in my stash for ages. they are also really fast to put together. I have an organizer with just precut cardstock. This on is 3"x4" with a clear sticker and 3 enamel dots. Easy peasy! 

A 3"x4" cardstock card. The upper left corner has a sticker from Close To My Heart. I don't know who made the stickers on the bottom right corner.

Sticker party! This card is 3"x4". Not sure who made the stickers. The stamp is from American Crafts.

A 4"x4" cardstock base had a get together with some rub ons. I love the calendar stamp! I really do love calendar stamps. I wish I knew who made this one so I could see if they have others. The washi on the bottom is cut on the left side and the right side is held on with tiny attachers.

Another 4"x4" card. The stickers are all from Echo Park.

This one is 3"x4". In the center, it's all one sticker from Echo Park. The grey heart and arrow are enamel dots.

This final card for this round is 3"x4". The sticker is from Echo Park. The stamp in the center is a mystery to me! The green polka dot washi is held on with tiny attachers.

Be sure to check back for Round #3!

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