Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Brings New Toys

Inky Hot Mess did a little shopping just before Christmas. Our studios were closed for Christmas so we didn't have a chance to get the new toys all set up. This past weekend we spent all day Saturday working. The new toys are all unpacked and working! 

One of the new items is an industrial paper cutter. This sucker is huge! I wish I had taken a photo of it.....I'm sure you'll see it in action soon. It's about 2 feet long! It weighs over 50 pounds!!! Now to figure out how to use it and get awesome cuts from it. 

One item that has been in the works for quite awhile is a color laser printer. We wanted to be able to print our flair sheets here so we weren't stuck to the Living Life printing schedule. We have a ton of ideas for flair in the works and we want to be able to release them bi-weekly or weekly. Here's the new pretty also weighs a ton! 

There's one new really big HUGE item in our studio....Man our work table got really full over the weekend....We're Apple geeks around here. There's been talk for quite some time about getting an iMac or MacMini. Well......we went with a MacMini because of some plans we have for the future and this gives us opportunities for expansion. I am sooooooooo stinking excited about having a 1 TB harddrive! Between our photos, business documents, and the Inky Hot Mess Living Life Kits which includes tons of work in Photoshop and Illustrator, the new larger harddrive is a very welcomed addition. Our MacBook Pro is only 250 teeny tiny nowadays!

We added a few Apple accessories along with an external harddrive for backups and the huge monitor. We hope the new, huge monitor will make designing our Living Life Kits and embellishments so much easier and a tad faster. 

Well, those are our new toys! We hope you received some fun toys from Santa! :)

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