Friday, January 9, 2015

Expedit Handmade Number Labels

Remember these Expedits?

I said I made numbered labels for the cubes. Here are the tricks to doing this! There are several supplies needed...a punch, number stamps, ink, dauber, stamp cleaner, cardstock, glue dots, and a stamp block if you're using clear stamps or unmounted rubber stamps.

I punched out 50 - yes really 50 - of these labels using one of my punches from EK Success. The size is perfect to fit on the edge of the Expedit shelves. I used the top label and only put the cardstock in the punch far enough to punch those out. I was using scraps of Colonial White cardstock from Close To My Heart.

In this dvd case are the clear number stamps I used. No idea who they are from. Judging by my post it (I love those things!) inside the case, the stamps are from either Clear Dollar Stamps (no longer in business) or Studio G. I used Black Distress Ink from Close To My Heart. That ink is still available and comes paired with a Chocolate Distress Ink cube.

I decided to number the cubes with a 3 digit number. I have 2 Expedits so I figured starting with 101 would let me know something was in paper Expedit in the 1st cube. So I had to stamp 101 -125 and 201 -225. The 200's are my albums and cardstocks.

Here they are all stamped. That took the longest amount of time because I had to keep swapping numbers and cleaning stamps. I used a dauber to make the edges a distressed, roughed up black. I didn't want them to look brand new. I attached them to the Expedit shelves with glue dots! So they are very easily removable and won't damage the finish on the face of the shelf.

I tried for weeks to find some cute metal numbered tags. I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I found some cute Tim Holtz ones, but the package didn't contain enough numbers. I looked on Etsy and found great stuff, but they were over $50 for I needed. No way was I spending 50 bucks on some numbered plates. That's 50 bucks I wouldn't be able to use on scrapping goodies!!! Then I realized on earth do I attach them? What if I drill holes into my Expedits and hate them or need to make a change later? I'm totally up a creek with holes! No thanks. What I came up with cost me zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing! I used scraps of cardstock even! I'm very happy with this system and I can always change it and there's no damage.

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