Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Title Pages

Even though I pocket scrapbook now, everything hasn't changed. For a few years, I've been making Title Pages to separate my layouts in albums. This was something I decided to keep doing in my pocket scrapbooking albums. I think it will be great for our vacations and trips. My plan is to put all of my 2015 photos in chronological order instead of individual albums. I used to have an album or two for a day at the zoo, several for a weekend at a NASCAR race, an album or two or three for the nephews, several albums for our furkids, countless for vacations - each day could be up to 3 albums.

Sounds awesome, right? Sure. If you have a place to stick all of those albums! And who wants to lug 3 or 4 or 5 heavy, oversized, overstuffed albums off of a shelf drag them to the couch to show people? Excuse me while I get me shopping cart! Yeah, not exactly fun. And seriously, who wants to look at your 20 layouts of the same 3 monkeys eating lettuce? LOL No comment! I may or may not have 20+ pages of a group of monkeys monkeying around.

How do I make my Title Pages? Well, for one thing, they all are 12x12. I saved 12x12 page protectors just for this purpose. The base is a piece of paper.....they may or may not be matted onto cardstock. It all depends on how they fit into the page protector. Some of the Title Pages are a tad thick and some papers aren't true 12x12 - some are something like 11 3/4 x 11 3/4. The gaps make me nuts!

I use paper that goes with the theme of the event, place, animal, person, what have you.I use a lot of die cuts! I make some on my Cricut, my Silhouette, and I buy a number of them. I also use stickers, stamps, and mixed media.

Here are a few that I finished awhile ago. I have sort of scrapbooked the photos from these adventures. The layouts have been waiting for up to 5 years for embellishing. Pretty sure that's not going to happen. I'm going to reprint the photos and pocket scrapbook them. They won't take up 5+ albums this way either.

About 5 years ago we went on a huge Southern vacation. It was 2 1/2 weeks long and we visited 6 Southern states. These Title Pages are for that trip. I have others to make.

First up is my Charleston, SC one. Surprisingly, Charleston does have beaches! There's even a lighthouse that I still need to see. We spent a few days looking for the sites they used to make the movie The Notebook. This is my favorite movie ever made and my favorite book. Walking across the street to the theater on King Street where they laid in the street was absolutely amazing! I'm not sure if this Title Page is completely done or not. I won't know until it goes into my album. There will be another on the back that covers the days events and sites.

Next is the one for Wilmington, NC. I had no idea that Wilmington had lots of palm trees. I also didn't realize that it was on the Cape Fear River. I thought it was on the in the Atlantic Ocean...Apparently, I didn't study the map too well. It's a pretty cool little town. I can see why tons of movies and tv shows are made there. This Title Page has a seashell metal charm on it. Not sure if this one is complete either yet.

We made sure to hit the Outer Banks on this trip. Finally got to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! You can see the base from where it used to be. Several years ago, they had to move it 1 mile inland. It's amazing how close to the edge of the ocean it was.

This Title Page has little teeny, tiny shells glued on with Glossy Accents. You may remember me talking about the greatest paper crafting store ever built formerly known as Colorful Creations. The store was on Cape Cod....oh darn another excuse to hit the Cape! Jayne sold these teeny, tiny little shells there and I may have a stockpile of them. Jayne still hosts Crop on the Cape in mid-March and I will be there!

We also spent time in Georgia. Had to go to the Georgia Aquarium. At the time, it was the largest aquarium in the world by volume. Walking through the tunnel with fish and sharks swimming around you is an amazing experience.

Notice the post it note? Yeah, I bring a stack of them along with a Sharpie to every crop. I always have something to finish up at home. This Title Page is not complete and the post it says so. There's a thick 12x12 clear transparency sheet that sits on top of this paper. The note says to mix ink with Glossy Accents and make bubbles. I want to try this on a transparency scrap before I do it on the real page in case it doesn't work well or looks like a hot mess.

Another stop was Savannah, GA. I absolutely love historic houses and Savannah has plenty of them. It's also the birthplace of the Girl Scouts and Forrest Gump was filmed here. There's a great park that's definitely worth checking out. Lots of fun, little shops, too. We did a river cruise and ate at Paula Deen's Lady & Sons restaurant. I absolutely love her BBQ sauce! First time I ever had a Johnnycake and it was quite tasty.

There's another post it! I need to cut out a magnolia for this Title Page. I know I want it big. I may see if I have any magnolia stickers also. This paper is from a tropically beach kit from Creative Imaginations. Remember them? They had the BEST beach/ocean papers every year.

Well, those are the ones I have waiting for a home. I'll be making more soon and I'll share them with you!

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