Tuesday, March 22, 2011

O Luminarte Where Art Thou?

ONE word...Luminarte!

What is Luminarte? It's only the coolest thing to happen to ink since Tim Holtz! And I love Tim Holtz and all his inky goodness so this says a lot.

Recently, Joann's had all of the Luminarte products they carry on sale. Oh happy day! Add a coupon for free shipping to tax refund season and it's better than Christmas morning. No really it is. Stick with me on this.

First up, I added a serious collection of Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists to my inky goodness. They are available in 24 colors. Looks like I got most of them and I wasn't even trying. I just got one of every color Joann's had on their website.

What is Radiant Rain Shimmer Mist? It's a watercolor in a spray bottle with mica to give it some sparkle. Remember, I like bling and sparkle. Add some ink and viola it's my little version of heaven.

What can you do with them? Spray anything that will stand still long enough! Use a stencil or a mask and you can create your designs. Heck, use a stencil or a mask or both on plain cardstock and you've just created your very own, one of a kind paper! You can also apply the Shimmer Mist with an eyedropper, sponge, paintbrush, feather, cotton ball, cotton swab, or whatever you find.

You can use your heat gun to speed up drying time. I like to leave my ink spritzed goodies to dry overnight or at least 8 hours. I do use the heat gun also. Lots of times papers, tags, and chipboard will curl from the moisture. The longer they are left to dry, the flatter they tend to be.

Up next are the Radiant Rain Color Concentrates. What's the difference between these and the Shimmer Mists? These come in a bottle that is capped with a dauber. You smear these all over. They are available in the same 24 colors as the Shimmer Mists.

And lastly, I got several Twinkling H2Os. They are available in 73 - yes, you read that right! - colors!!! You simply add a smidge of water to them and you have pigment shimmer paints.

Until next time *

What girl doesn't love a little sparkle?


Shelly Mendenhall said...

oh sweet!! you're such a color junkie ;)

jenn shurkus said...

wow when you go in.. you go all in!!