Thursday, March 31, 2011

O Dick Blick How I Love Thee

One of my recent online shopping excursions was to Dick Blick. Dick Blick is like dreaming about heaven except that they sell tons of art supplies. They have an old fashioned paper catalog which I love, an online store, and brick and mortar stores all over the country. The selection and quality is rather impressive.

They have some nifty sizes and shapes for canvases and canvas panels. Got me some brushes and drafting tape. Can never have enough drafting tape!

This is the assortment of canvases and canvas panels I got. The 4" x 4" ones are super cute! The 10" x 20" and 15" x 30" are pretty cool! I like how they look quite a bit.

Oh happy day! One word. Ink. Nuff said!

Look at them all! Oh so pretty. One cool thing about Liquitex inks is that they are pigment colored. The same pigments that are used in artist paints. Very deep, rich colors. No pastels here!

Dick Blick also has a fabulous supply of Gessoes and Gel Mediums. Oh they have a package of 3 different waxed threads - pretty much the same as waxed Irish Linen.  And a decent size bottle of India Ink in black.

The Gel Mediums I got were textured ones except for one. Black Lava is so cool! It has ground black flakes and some look like silver glitter when it's wet.

I also got the Fine Natural Sand Gel. When it dries, it's a glossy sand texture. You can color the sand gel. Gotta try that!

White Opaque Flakes just sounded so cool that I had to get some just to play. There's opaques flakes in this bad boy and you can add paint to color them. Can't wait to play with these!

The last one is Matte Gel. He sounds so drab compared to his friends. But he's got jazzy friends so it's all good.

I have started the first in a series of projects using all of these goodies! I'm waiting for things to dry and one final order to be delivered. You hear that USPS? Start moving my package like you're Kevin Harvick moving Jimmie Johnson out of the way at Fontana!

Chances are some time over the weekend, this project will be revealed. If it's not completed, there will be some teasers pics posted! I'm sooo excited about this series of projects!

Until next time *

What can you do with a canvas?

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