Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Furniture Shopping

I have been all over the Finger Lakes shopping around for furniture and fixtures for the new Inky Hot Mess store. I've been to Salvation Army, Goodwill, a number of antique shops, Target, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's, Home Depot, and who knows where else!

I love the idea of buying something and repurposing it....kind of like giving it a second life. We all know Thomasville furniture is not what one would call cheap. Well, I found a gorgeous hutch/buffet from 1965 that was actually made in Thomasville at the Salvation Army! Seriously folks, they don't make furniture like this anymore. Thomasville furniture is not made in Thomasville, NC anymore sadly. It weighs about 50 ton. I was injured loading it up in my Durango from Salvation Army. This beauty will be getting a makeover and will be prominently on display as our display case in the new Inky Hot Mess store.

I have been on the hunt for an old chalkboard.....something like one from a school...yup, I'm old....I used to kick it with TRex on the weekends. :) You'd think this would be an easy find since schools have been removing them and putting in white boards and other fancy gadgets. Not so easy as it turns out! Well, I found a very cool old chalkboard from the Town of Aurora at an antique mall. Why am I mentioning that it's from Aurora? Keep your pants on! I'm getting there.

There's this itty, bitty place in Aurora named MacKenzie-Childs. Some of you may have heard of it. They have amazing pottery, enamelware, furniture, home decor, garden decor. The whole place is just so Oooooh My Gosh! I bought several things for my home during my visit. I also purchased an item for the store. Not giving away what it is just yet.

Seriously, if you ever make it to Cayuga Lake, please visit MacKenzie-Childs and the Town of Aurora. It's adorable. It's quaint. It's on a gorgeous lake. What else do you need to know, right? Oh and Aurora is the home of Wells College. I'm telling you, it's a nice place for a day trip or a few hours. If you make it to MacKenzie-Childs, make sure you make time for the farmhouse tour. It's the showcase home of MacKenzie-Childs. Photos do not do it justice. It's simply fantastic. The attention to every little detail they put in when they restored the home is just wow.

Check back later this week and see what I'm creating or painting or stocking. Who knows what I'll be up to!

PS Signs went up in our door and windows! Now the people of Geneva know we're coming.

PPS A little Sumptuous Purple to tide you over.

Any guesses what these will be used for??

They're from Home Depot if that helps at all.

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