Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More About the Store

I have more photos to share! Love seeing the progress on the new Inky Hot Mess store. I have like no patience and want it all done yesterday and opened last week, but that's totally not realistic and I know it. I'm just so darn excited about the new store!

My husband has been doing a ton of painting. I'm amazed he hasn't poured a can of paint over my head yet. I painted the walls! He's painting all the trim work. He also does all the cut ins.....I pretty much suck at doing the cut ins when it comes to painting walls and ceilings. Oh he also painted about a million square feet of ceiling. Ok so maybe a million is a teeny, tiny exaggeration, but his shoulders felt like he painted the Sistine Chapel.

He's quite the trooper!

Here he is doing some cut ins in the window area. See those big honking light fixtures? Yeah, those things are gone! We replaced them with these little lights from Home Depot. They're so much brighter, energy efficient, and 100 times better looking.

A little before and after. This is the classroom side of the store before priming and painting. It's a panoramic photo from my iPhone so it's kind of wonky looking. The store isn't wonky! ;)

And a the after! Love this paint color. It's called Shoreline and it's from the Valspar collection at Lowe's. A totally perfect color since you can see Seneca Lake from our front door! 

That's all I have to share today! Check back later this week. More is being completed every day!

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