Monday, June 8, 2015

Pre-Construction Phase

Today we have a whole bunch of photos to share with you! They are all from the new Inky Hot Mess shop. This is what the store looked like after the previous tenant. She had just moved out when I went to view the place.

A shot from the inside of the store in the front. Check out all that window space!!

Have I mentioned how much I looooooove those windows? I seriously can't wait to decorate them! I've already started shopping and crafting ideas. I even have a white Christmas tree that will fit in the window!

A divider has been removed. This space was a dance studio last. I love the little ice cream stand windows. Sadly, there's no one passing ice cream cones through those windows.

The wall to the left of the front door. All of those items have been removed. Big plans for that wall!

The shop behind that divider wall! The wall is gone. Those mirrors are 6 feet by 10 feet. There were 3 of them. Two of them were removed intact and salvaged. The last one broke on the guys removing it. Those things are heavy!

See that little cubby? I just think it's the cutest little thing...I have a plan for it!

The right side of the store behind the divider wall. Those pieces of wood were the supports for the dance bar. They're gone.

Inside the store!

The view from the back of the store. There weren't any lights on....power was turned off. That divider wall shrunk the place and blocked the light.

Hard to see since there aren't any lights. This is my office area. More mirrors on the wall on the left. Those are gone. Gone. Gone.

Windows!!! This is outside.

I tried to get more of the front of the building. I need to get a better photo! Apparently, I need to go across the street and wait for a break in the traffic.

Ok so I'm a little excited about this adventure. Why? Well, this crazy girl has wanted her own scrapbooking/art store for about 10 YEARS. I've been looking for a location since last autumn. I thought I had a gorgeous place all picked out. The place was historic and had historic built in furniture. The landlord even started construction......then he gave me the lease weeks and weeks later. And wow there were a ton of issues so sadly I had to walk away.

I was really devastated. I gave myself one day to grieve. Then I made myself contact a few local landlords and realtors to see what else I could find. During that process, this space became available from a landlord who has been working on helping rebuild Geneva and has a great deal of knowledge on the local area.

Geneva dates back to the 1700's. During the 1940's and 1950's, this place was booming courtesy of 2 nearby military bases. They both closed decades ago. Since I moved here, I learned that one of my grandfather's went to basic training at Sampson Air Force Base which is now Sampson State Park. There's a museum there as well. It's a wonderful place to visit for the day or the week. You can camp there!

I will be sharing more photos this week1 Stay tuned!

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