Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ephemera from Etsy

Ephemera Part 1 of 248,983,049.  OK maybe not really that many, but I did buy a lot. I'm still waiting for stuffs. These are just the first round. I'll put more up next week. I am listing the store with each item so you can check them out if you're interested in getting the same or similar pieces for your ephemera collection. I have added all of my favorite shops to the Etsy list down on the right hand side. You won't have to hunt in the future as they will be staying there.

Here are treasures from Altered Paradise by Regina's Studio. She is fabulous with convo and she has included some freebies in my orders. Yup, I've shopped there a couple of times.

These are vintage canning labels. So perfect for all of the jams I make! 

These are milk to your door tickets from way back when milk was delivered to your home.  

Two different styles and sizes of library cards.

These are tags from the Boston Store which I had to Google. This is a chain of eight stores in Wisconsin.

These Queen Seals are from cigars. I am thinking about using them for some of my pics of Charlotte as she is the Queen City.

These are tags from a hardware store in Albemarle, NC which I have been to! Well, not the store, but the town. Albemarle is home to Kellie Pickler from American Idol. 

These are soda labels in a wine label style. They're from the 1930's from Rochester, NY. Yup, I've been to Rochester and plan to go back.  

Receipts from the Droste's Clover Farm Store in Mount Olive, IL. Perfect for my pics of country stores!

One of my fav pieces. I collect Coca~Cola pieces and have been to the World of Coca~Cola in Atlanta and the NASCAR Coca~Cola 600 races in Charlotte. I have so many uses for these!

Vintage inventory tags.

Coca~Cola needed some company from 7Up. Maybe one day I'll see a 7Up factory? There was a Coca~Cola bottling plant in the town I live in back in the 1970's. So maybe there's a little hope for 7Up?

A dozen old wooden spools. I love wrapping my twine on these. 

This is the collection of freebies Regina included in with these purchases. There some super cool things! An egg saver envelope. I ended up purchasing a set of those because I thought they were super interesting and I have tons of farm pics. There are grocery store stamps from when you collected them and got free stuffs. 

There are a lot more goodies to show you. I will be doing this over several posts. I don't want put them all in one post and have it 100 miles long. I know it can get overwhelming reading about a million things all in one post.

Until next time *

Have looked in your attic lately? Never know what cool things you may find!

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