Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yup, you read that correctly. I evicted myself. I have two rooms in our house. One is my studio space for my paper, ink and paint mess and the other is my office and quilting room. I wasn't feeling my old space for my studio. The room is a smidge larger, but it was never a comfortable space for whatever reason. So this week my husband helped me flip flop rooms. Talk about a project!

Somehow everything fits better in the smaller room. I can actually get to my windows in here! I couldn't get to them in my larger room. Figure that one out! I sure can't. I think the layout of the windows and doors being in different locations and having an alcove helped a lot. I even have better closet space without it being a walk-in. Strange but true.

Want some pics? Wanna see my new home? I'll probably do several posts over a few days because there's so much. I'm even going to tell you where I buy my storage and how I store all of my paper and cardstock. Yes, I really do have more than some stores. What's more surprising is that I actually use it. Pretty sure I'm going to need to do a huge Bazzill order this autumn or winter. Time to stock up!

It will be a few more days until I can take pics. All of the furniture has been moved. Now I need o give everything a home. And by everything I do mean everything. Somehow I ended up with a bookcase that's completely empty. Everything that was on it before has a new home. Don't worry! I've got lots to fill it up with. That reminds me....I need to order some new button jars from SKS Bottle. I should do that before I forget!

Until next time *

Stay cool. It is 103 degrees here!

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