Friday, August 26, 2011

Packing for a Crop

I've had several folks ask me about my cropping style. I frequently get asked at crops if that's all I brought. Yup, I only bring two bags. These pics are from a Friday night crop at Scrapbook Utopia in Lexington, South Carolina. They frequently have Friday night crops from 5 pm - Midnight. They also do a weekend crop (Friday 10 am - Midnight and Saturday 10 am - 11 pm) every other month.

Really this is all I brought. I did 30 layouts in those seven hours. I didn't really get started until 6:45. I had to get some dinner, do some shopping, and visit peoples. I haven't been to the shop in a few months. Lots to see and buy!

The two bags are from scrapbook companies. The bag that's open (black and purple with black scrolls) is from Close To My Heart. The bag that is all zipped up is from Storytellers Club.

What is hiding in that bag from CTMH? Lots of goodies! A full box of ATG adhesive. Yes, that would be 12 rolls. I hate running out and not every store carries it. I gotta order me more next month! I have less than a box left. And running out is not an option.

My ATG gun is also in there. Also hiding in there are my paper trimmer, glue dots, and pop dots (foam dots, 3D dots, whatever you call them). The ATG gun is the world's greatest gift to paper crafters! It's a very reasonably priced way of getting adhesive. The gun comes in red. There's a pink one for Breast Cancer at Michael's. And, yes, you can use a coupon on it! I get my refills from Framing Supplies. The more rolls you buy, the larger the discount! The rolls cost less than $3.50 a piece and they have 36 yards of adhesive. I only use the ATG Gold which is acid free.

Also in my bag of tricks, is my photo box from Creative Memories. Yup I keep that baby full of photos. I keep the thumbnail sheet that comes with my prints. I mark on that with a grease pencil what the pics are of and dates. Very important details! I also separate the pics with notepaper. I can't have my pics from leaf peeping in Vermont mixed with a NASCAR race in Charlotte. Now how would I scrap that? It'd be a big ole hot mess!

What else is hiding in there? Oh something extremely important. So important that every paper crafter needs this! NEVER EVER put a drink on your workspace! I have a cup holder/trash bag hanger from Creative Memories. There's another company that has them now. I am seriously considering purchasing another one so it will just stay in my bag. I won't have to take mine off my studio table anymore that way.

The Storytellers Club bag holds the secret to my cropping life. Now, when I go to weekend events I do bring my rolling tote. For a one day crop, I only bring this bag. Remember how I said I don't bring anything except for paper and cardstock? Those papers and cardstocks are in this bag. I got this bag when I became a member of their monthly club. Every month with your kit, you get a large zipper paper pocket that attaches to this bag. It's pretty neat and awesome free gift!

All of the papers and cardstocks I bring are in zipper bags. I store all of my paper collections in zipper bags in my paper bins [you'll see all of that soon.....maybe next week if the cleaning fairy comes to work this weekend :)]. I also keep my Versa Mat from Close To My Heart in here. I use that as my work surface.

I have one pocket that I keep all of my scraps of cardstock in and one for all of my scraps of paper when I run out of a paper collection. You know those 2" x 2" pieces that sit in a pile just waiting to be used? Yeah, those have their own pocket. I think they are pretty special. Some day I'm going to have a card making fest and use a bunch of those pieces up!

All of my completed layouts go in a pocket. Each pocket holds several layouts. I do have to use several pockets when I am doing large projects. This keeps them all in order so I don't have to play a guessing game later on.

I am a little nerdy about my organizing, too. Each set of layouts gets a colored piece of paper folded over the top with some info on it. I write down what the pics are of, how many layouts there are, and the date of the pics. Yup, nerdy. I know this. :) There's a reason for this! I swear it will all make sense in a bit.

Remember how I sad I don't complete my layouts 100% at crops and I bring home mountains of layouts to finish embellishing? Well, this is where they all go. Your eyes are working just fine. They are in a milk crate. Some of the layouts are done and just need to be put into albums. I need to make my pages that say what each event is. Those are pretty cool. I'll have to show you some of them. A girl and her Cricut can have a good time!

The pockets also hold my new paper and cardstock purchases. Sometimes some stickers will also fit. I don't put stamps or things like brads in there. I don't want dents in my new papers.

Until next time *

Print your photos and scrap them!

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