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The Ladies of {Colorful Creations}

I had a few people contact me who wondered if I had more photos of {Colorful Creations}. Of course, I do! I even have a few of the staff!

Instead of trying to get the text to go where I want because that never works for me, I am giving the photos captions. If you'd like to see the pics larger, click on them and they will open in another screen and be much larger.

Happy viewing!

The infamous teal sign.

The entrance. They always had such fun things in the windows! 

Need a place to rest? Waiting for someone to shop? These were so comfy and teal.

The Art Bar. Every month there were a few different inexpensive projects to make.

A beautiful paper apron made by Melissa O. This one of the amazing pieces of art we could have won from a Scrap Pink raffle.

The very first crop I went to at {CC} in 2008. It was an amazing weekend! And to think I didn't know a soul there when I got there. Now I live a thousand miles away and I have some great friends from there!

Gorgeous products! I loved their displays. Jayne and Jenn have such great taste in store fixtures!
More goodies! On the left way back you see someone's back. That's the beginning of the studio space!
The best in beach, ocean, travel and vacation you can find!
Oh yeah look at all these Quickutz dies! A few years back they had a Quickutz Club. I really wished I lived closer to the Cape then.

The wall of rubber stamps. That wasn't all of them either. Across from this was another display just as long filled with rubber stamps. At the end of them on the wall were the clear stamps. There were also rubber stamps dispersed throughout the store. 
Gorgeous ribbons! Books and magazines, too!
Got cardstock?

Now on to the artwork. This pics are of artwork made by ladies who worked there. They were used to decorate the store. Such a creative bunch they are!

They had tons of page kits you could purchase. I have this one. It is one of my favorites. I'm addicted to autumn!
Super cute card box!
Gorgeous shadow box with Erin and her brother.

Everyone needs at least one dream.

The perfect autumn art banner.

Melissa O and Erin the elves.  Santa has such great helpers!

Too cute! 

Beautiful lighthouse card. Several different stamps were used to make all of the images. Pretty cool, huh?

A mini book that was an Art Bar project.

Yes, this is round. Reminds me of an old fashioned mailbox or newspaper holder. It's just so darn cool.

Melissa O and Bob's beautiful wedding day. This is one of my all time favorite wedding layouts.

This shadow box I tried so darn hard to get! It was a raffle for Scrap Pink one year.  The box and papers are from Creative Imaginations. I never saw this paper until I walked in {CC} one year and fell in love. I won't tell you how much of this I have bought over the years. Anytime I find any of it, I buy it. 

Super cute box!

Cock-a-doodle-do! Super cute recipe box.

A Cape Cod layout kit that they sold. I have one of these! I should put it together.....or did I use it? Hmmmmm....

Another beachy Cape Cod layout. Remember yesterday when I said {CC} had their own die cut? I actually meant they had their very own "Cape Cod" die for their Accucut. I have lots of "Cape Cods" floating around. Good thing! I know I'll need a ton.

These were state tags that were changed up a bit. See that Clever Tip? Yup, Jenn and the ladies always had lots of clever tips to share. This one I thought was extra spiffy. I bought some tags from states I've never been to like New Mexico so I could change them up.

And now without further ado....the ladies of {Colorful Creations}.
This photo is from Jenn Shurkus. Steal it and she may hunt you down!
This is Jayne and Jenn.

Jayne was the fantastic owner. I'll never forget her "Man Vegas." It's what you get when you mix Manchester, NH with Jayne. And I just realized I don't have a pic of Jayne. Seriously?! How can that be? Well, I'm going to have to borrow one. I hope Jenn doesn't mind. :)

Jenn Shurkus was the manager of {CC}. She's a graphic designer and teaches classes all over the Northeast. I would say Massachusetts, but I have taken classes with her in New York. She went to Ohio last year and to Nova Scotia - up in Canada! - this year to teach. Have Jetta, stamps, and ink will travel I think should be her motto! She's also on Creative Imaginations design team. I mentioned yesterday that it's all her fault I got into Copics. She's a Certified Copic Instructor and a Certified Ranger Educator as well. She was on the A Muse design team also. Jenn is just amazing and
so inspiring!

This pic also belongs to Jenn Shurkus.
Melissa O is always there when you need a good laugh. She just has something about her that makes you happy just being around her. She has gorgeous little girls. Her husband, Bob, even made us a piece of our Advent Calendar one year. I'll have a pic of that soon. Waiting for my hubby to hang it up. Melissa is also on the Core'dinations design team. Lucky girl!

I just discovered I don't have a pic of Melissa that's not part of a project. Surely, I must have one somewhere! For the meantime, I have borrowed one from Jenn. Hopefully she doesn't mind. Don't steal it or I will send her after you. She could really ink you up. :)

This is Jenn and Erin. 
Erin, Erin, Erin. What can I say about Erin? She's a lifesaver. No really she is. Remember way back when I first posted about my favorite store closing and I told the story about locking my keys in my car? The person who came to my rescue even more than OnStar was Erin. It was her phone I borrowed.

Erin is just pure entertainment. From her Hanson stories to her cruises with John Mayer. Never a dull moment with her around.

Melissa cashing someone out.
Melissa M what can I say about her? She is very patient even when I know my 800 questions about a product have to be driving her up a wall. She gives really great advice. I always love watching her Facebook status about her kids, hockey, and all of her family time. She's a hands on mom and I admire that a lot about her.

Finally....I have a few pics of my favorite {CC} croppers. One has become a really great friend and I really miss her. I can't wait until I can go North next year and see her. I may have some Thickers I need to send to her before then.

Angela getting her creative juices flowing.
We'll have to do dinner again. Last year when I went up for a visit, I had a great night with Angela. I was so stressed after my GPS sent me through Washington, D.C. during rush hour that I just cried for like two hours. The next evening I got to {CC} and life was good. The girls calmed me down. How I don't know. Angela and I went to Uno's since i don't have one here where I live in South Carolina. We cropped together all weekend and have stayed friends even with my crazy move.

Hide EJ hide! 
EJ - aka England Jane - just cracks me up. She has no problem speaking her mind which is rather refreshing since so many people don't. I loved hearing her stories about England. And yes, she has the coolest accent!

I think that's all for now. Stayed tuned for my new studio and tons of pics!

Until next time *

Seriously, when was the last time you shopped your LSS? I don't mean window shopping. Support your local businesses! 

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