Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Etsy Purchases

Remember this post? Yeah, me too! :) I finally took some pics. Yup, I'm a tad slow these days. Having classes start this week has really thrown me completely out of whack. I'm having a good time though learning all kinds of fun things in the world of graphic design.

Last week I was a little addicted to Etsy. Lots of goodies have arrived and lots more are on the way. Come on USPS deliver the mail faster....pretty please. I'll be doing some blogging about those fabulous pieces later this week.

But for now. I'm going to share my pretty pieces from Bayscallop Fine Craft. These are my gorgeous handmade scallop adornments. They come eight to a box. Two come with real starfish attached. They have a small hole for a ribbon or whatever you wish to use to hang them up. I plan on putting them on my Christmas tree. My bedroom is all decorated in a beach theme. I am trying to come up with some for them to keep them out year round.

My second purchase was a gorgeous pair of brass and copper acorn earrings from the 1920's from Mark Montano. Now I wish I had taken photos of my package! Mark wraps beautifully! He should offer classes to husband's. Just saying. :)

Mark also has gorgeous hand writing! He even included some flowers for my ephemera collection. How'd he know?

The earrings came in a lovely turquoise fabric envelope. They really are gorgeous and rare. Not something you'll find in a Wal-Mart! I can't wait for autumn so I can wear them.

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Have you supported a small business lately?

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