Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Gone

This pic belongs to Erin Horgan.  
I just saw that Erin posted a pic of {Colorful Creations} on their last day. All I can say is wow! Look back a few posts and you'll see all of the amazing things the store once had. This is what was left Saturday afternoon.

Talk about a sad, lonely photo! Even my husband was dumbfounded. He was shocked. He said, "It's gone. It's really gone."

It surprised me how he took the news. His first words were, "What happens to Jenn?"Then he said, "What will everyone do? You have friends there who go there all the time. What will you do when we go to Cape Cod?" I just had no words. I had no words when I saw this pic either.

There is some good news with the store closing. Crop on the Cape is still happening! {CC} hosts this event and I've never been able to attend it for whatever reason. Technically, I am not able to attend in 2012, but I'm going to skip a couple days of classes. It's for my art, right?

Until next time *

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